November 2010

12 Nov Bull Shift!!!

How to Attune and Fine-Tune Your BS Meter!!!

Listen to the Plain and Simple Truth here… 😉

(be patient as the player loads or you can open the mp3 directly here BullShift!!!)

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10 Nov Grindin’ IT!

I didn’t really feel like doing this recording…BUT my coach’s voice was speaking to me, “Discipline is just showing up even when you don’t feel like it.” Sometimes like skateboarding, you just HAVE to Grind your way into da Flow. 😉

(be patient as the player loads or you can open the mp3 directly here The Grind)

Check out da Grind Master I speak about on today’s recording: He’s an awesome dude!

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09 Nov Feeling Smashed?

Yesterday, I was hopping a train. Today, I felt like I got smashed by one. 😉

Listen in as I describe the Wholy Process of Surrender…

(be patient as the player loads or you can open the mp3 directly here Feeling Smashed)

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08 Nov Infinite Oneday

Today, I am declaring everyday, Infinite Oneday!!!

November 8, 2010 (8th day/11th month/10th year of 2000) is the official OK COACH! launch of Wholy Shift! Glow with da Flow LifeStyle. Listen to this Uncut Random Recording as I share about this day and its meaning for venturing out to the Unknown, where da Real Freedom lies…question is, Are You Ready to Awaken to the Miracles that are Everywhere?
(be patient as the player loads or you can open the mp3 directly here: Infinite Oneday.)

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21 Oct da Big I of HI – W.S?! Glow w/ da Flow Show

Ever wonder why certain people come into your life serendipitously to bring about a Wholy Shift! of healing or inspiration. Well, Dr. Rob Rostau is one of those shiny examples. Watch this 5th episode of W.S?! GwdF Show as I interview Dr. Rob at his chiropractic practice near Parker Ranch of Waimea, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

  • Hear Dr. Rob speak about his perspective on da Flow & da Glow.
  • Watch him describe what to pay attention to and how to know where to flow.
  • Rob explains how da Flow guided him into his healing profession as everything started to click into place.
  • He recalls a childhood memory of his first “indescribable” direct experience as a peaceful, loving presence of Grace.
  • Listen how his car “accident” brought about the awakening Wholy Shift! within
  • and much, much more…
  • PART 1:

    PART 2:

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    24 Aug Peoplehood of the Traveling Greek Jeans


    Coming to you from the ancient land of Greece…

    After 31 years, I finally reconnect with my Greek father and the Anogianakis family?! It’s a long story and one day it may be told, but for now, it’s about Love, Healing and Elation.

    Recently, the Hollywood version of the book, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert was released in theaters. I highly recommend reading the book from cover to cover as it captures the essence of following, living and loving yourSelf from the Heart. Here’s a trailer clip with Julia Roberts as the lead. It’s based on a true story about a woman who takes a year off from the grind of chaos by traveling to Italy, India & Bali to discover who she really is.

    Find Out Who or What You Really Are

    Sometimes, it takes removing yourself out of familiar environments to reveal your truest essence. The Universe is telling you “Loud and Clear” that it’s time for a change. This requires stretching past comfort zones and even intentionally placing yourself in uncomfortable situations. Such life emergencies bring about an emergence of the soul even when you had collapse from so-called “failure.” Nothing you aim for is ever in vain. There is light at the end of every tunnel.

    Taste New Things by Traveling and Trying On New Jeans

    I got the idea for this blog post from the movie, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, coincidentally was filmed partly in Greece.

    Experience a new culture, language, custom, philosophy, religion, food, geographic, etc. to learn and grow. Become more aware of other ways of Being. Be touched by unique expression all over the world and develop a newlywed everlasting appreciation & compassion for yourself and for other sentient beings.

    Even if you don’t have the means to travel far yet, just get off the couch and go outside into nature or to the next town. Meet new people. Read new books. Just get out of the house or limiting environments for Wholy Sake!!! Turn off your T.V. & Computers and Wholy Stretch! into inner Nature – the Stillness within – even if you have a limited budget or live in poverty. There are no excuses to not Breathe and Go Deep! View Life from the Grand Perspective and the various levels in between. Even your neurons and genes will transform and “metamorph” as you become a newer You. 😉

    Access the All-Inclusive Dimension-ary Travel Package

    Only the Open Mind can experience it all. Expand your mind by following da Signs; what you knew of your limited self with be blown away. Make known the unknown by having a pioneering Spirit.

    Reach Out, Reconnect and Reconcile Both for Yourself and for Others.

    We are at an Aware Age where holding on to the weight of the past and being burden by it, is no longer necessary. We are educated and wise enough to know that holding “emotional baggage” and being limited by its density does not serve our Well-Being. With the advent of social media technology and even the amazing the TELEPHONE (HELLO!), you can reach out, touch and be at peace with those that you had a falling out or shared conflict with. If you don’t find them, forgive them energetically. Most importantly, Forgive Yourself because the “old you” didn’t know better. 🙂 Then, you’ll be free beyond “means!” 😉

    On the Surface, We Appear Different but the Truth Is: WE ARE ALL ONE & the SAME.

    There’s an endless debate whether we ARE because of Nature or Nurture. It’s like the Chicken and the Egg scenario. Honestly, it’s ALL the SAME. Whether it’s the Genome or the Unified Field expressing through us as Human Beings, it’s all hearsay until one has a Total Direct Subjective Experience of the Truth. The acceptance of what is, IS THE REAL NAME OF THE GAME.

    Alleluia, Mamma Mia!

    Travel and go find out for yourSelf, Kiddo… 🙂

    ~ Tone Floreal

    P.S. Sorry for all the chick flicks but I absolutely dig them. If you haven’t noticed, I am fully comfortable with my Personhood. 😉

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    23 Aug Wholy Shift?! Glow with da Flow Show #4

    My latest adventure brings me to lovely Horseshoe Bay of West Vancouver, British Columbia to interview Ryan Yokome, a Rising Sun of an Entrepreneur/Internet Marketer & Consultant, who is blazing a whole new field of Empowered, Heart-Center Business Enterprises and Practices for the global marketplace.

    I met Ryan randomly a few months ago online surfing through the Twitter social media networking site. I don’t know why but something told me to reach out to this guy out of the thousands of online marketers out there. An added bonus was he was a neighbor in the greater Vancouver area. After our initial phone conversation, we met for the first time HERE.

    It was a meeting that forged an awesome connection. For some crazy cool reason, when we hang out, da Flow Zone kicks in as we move into Creative Glow-Mode Hyperdrive. Everything around us slooooows down, revealing its inexplicable Essence. The vibes are surreal and what comes through us is witnessed with absolute awe and gratitude. We lose our minds, all sense of time and cannot help watching our egos crack up with laughter into tiny bits from da Glide of Life. 😉

    Enjoy da Show including Ryan’s very own show: TuneAVision

    If you want to take your business to the Upper Stratospheric Echelon, give Ryan Yo. & Co. a shout! I have no doubt he can guide you to Real Success.

    ~ Tone Floreal

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