February 2010

23 Feb Good Night Status Quo! ~ A Dark Knight Profound Message :)

Warning: This Video May Knock Your Socks Off, But Will Definitely Keep Your PJ’s ON! 😉

I wanted to go out on a limb here because the Bat View is INCREDIBLE!

Let me say this AGAIN! It’s NOT about Perfection…It Really Involves Honoring the Process. This Extreme Example Illustrates this Point. Be the Creative YOU by simply Being REAL, and that IS the UNIQUE BRANDING PRESENCE.

Despite the “imperfect” dark filming conditions, I could have selfishly kept what was wanting to express itSelf to “myself”. However, I had to stay TRUE and Reveal something profound. Forget about the lack of “professionalism” which is semi-important for appearance but cannot compare to the Presence of ESSENCE of LOVE I’m about to share.

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22 Feb Winter Olympic Flame

When I filmed this video, I was SCARED, FELT RUSHED, and APPEARED CONSTIPATED!!! LOL! 🙂

It was my first ever video using my new camera and it was quite weird speaking to the lens and holding my arm out to film myself in front of a crown of people walking about. I debated whether to put this video out especially since you can’t even see the Olympic Flame in the background!

When I filmed The Wholy Shift?! Glow with da Flow Show later that day, I was WAY more comfortable especially being with my good buddy, Wade Lightheart.

Remember, it’s NOT about being perfect. Rather, it’s ALL about BEING REAL. I KNOW I will improve with practice, and I’m using this opportunity to laugh at myself…IT Feels Absolutely Freeing! 😉

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18 Feb THE Wholy Shift?! Glow with da Flow SHOW

Welcome, (Well)come World to the Wholy Shift?! Glow with da Flow Show!

My first-ever guest is Mr. Maximum Vital Power MAN himself, Wade T. Lightheart.

Below is the 30-min. interview. So, sit back, relax, and let the videos do all the talking. 😉

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For more information on Wade Lightheart and his Vital Power Coaching Program and Formula, click on maximumvitalpower.com or call 1-866-848-2565.

To purchase his books, Vital Power and What Every Athlete Needs To Know About Restructured Ionized Water, go to wadelightheart.com.

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11 Feb Awe of the Eagle: Leadership Through Osmosis

Leader are not special. Leaders don’t take credit. Leaders humbly recognize the inherent gifts of Genius and see to it as their responsibility and duty to share by uplifting the collective humanity with their perspective of the Grand Vision.

Summer Time in da SC, BC, C!

During the summers, from the house balcony in the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, I would see tiny black dots of Bald Eagles soaring in a circular motion way above the clouds in the sky. Sometimes, I would see one perched on a pine tree not too far from me. And although I don’t hear well sometimes, I can hear the caw of the Eagle from the sky.

Awe Full & Full of Awe

When I observe or reflect upon these magnificent creatures, I am overcome with profound awe of their inherent beauty, power, strength, and freedom. I fully comprehend why Eagles are associated with everything the original United States stood for. The founding fathers had known that the power of symbolism – “Stars and Stripes”, “Red, White, and Blue” & the “Bald Eagle” – had become meaningful for all as the Spirit of Independence, Democracy, Capitalism, and the Entrepreneurial Spirit. Unfortunately, these high values have been manipulated and abused but with the current awakening movement of the contrast, these values are returning with conscious choice as humanity evolves. We are realizing that these are Self-Evident Gifts of Life and it’s our absolute duty to allow that creative expression of what we are be expressed or we die.

The Awe of the Eagle is a call to those, including myself, who are ready to step forward and claim the responsibility and duty to rise above the “me”, to become and inspire the Grand Vision of Universal Love.

Alone Time & All-One State

After meditating, contemplating, and praying, I can not help being overcome with Joy when the Grand Vision of Universal Love carries me and activates a creative process to share the inner genius of the Mind. One only has to remain still not just in posture, but in daily activity to become the latent seed that germinates with the flowering of the Real YOU, the True Self. By just showing up to the sacred altar of Stillness, leadership unfolds through osmosis.

da Ocean of Absolute = power river + income stream

That Power will guide you first as a stream that flows into a river and eventually to the Ocean of Absolute. The magnetic generation charges you with Wholy All-Purpose Power Flower 😉 and all becomes clear. When two or more Eagles congregate in Wholy Union, the MasterMind brainstorming potential, exponentiates!!!

The Wholy Shift! Perspective of the soaring Eagle is indeed grand. The focus is laser. Projections of projects reveal themselves effortlessly. But taking off first requires a little bit of grit from the Eagle by intention of the Goal and initiation of wing thrust. Momentum carries the Eagle from there.

Total Knowingness and Complete Trust

Leaders and Eagles know that they, themselves, are not perfect, but that the Perfection is in the Process of naturally Being the Meaning of what leaders and eagles are. They are proactively moving in the direction of Sol Soul Solutions.

The rise & fall and ups & downs of external system pressures are utilize, not to be resisted, but as leverage to spread the lofty wings of Realized Loverage to attract other Eagles to align and unite in the upward wind vortex of the Grand Vision of Universal Love. They trust in that inner strength and exemplify true leadership by reaching out their wings to eaglets to fly with them. They know that All else falls into place like leaves in a stream. 😉

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03 Feb Attention Vs. Time…The Battle Begins!


When you absolutely love what you are doing, time flies. Actually…it altogether ceases to exist.

[Achtung meaning “Attention” in German: What I’m about to share requires total Attention and full Presence. By the end this post, my hope is that you will know what the above italic phrase truly means. I don’t mean the definition of the combination of words that are coming off this page, but whether YOU will be touched by what those words re(present). My apologies if I go too deep, past the rabbit hole into wormhole territory. Sorry Alice, I can’t help myself. Enjoy the ride!]

Is Time Real or Relative?

You see, time has no reality. It is arbitrary. Time was made to define, measure, and make sense of this “world.” Time as a measurement is “standardized” but as a feeling, is relative to the person perceiving it. Albert Einstein said, “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT’s relativity.” Also, imagine what the perception of time would be on different planets in our solar system, contrasted to Earth. Wonky is this concept called Time.

The world speaks of time management, but how can you manage something that doesn’t exist? When I close my eyes for a moment, time ceases. This is not a belief, but a knowing. If it weren’t for clocks and watches, how would we really know that time has an existence?!…Well, when I close my eyes to the outside world, what I know for sure is…THAT I’M ALIVE! How could I ever define THAT through time?! Life as Attention is the Only Real Tangible Experience of Consciousness.

Time as a Tool

Time is a function of science and technology. Technology is a progressive form that leverages effort so that we can spend more time in leisure, rather than survival, like hunting or scrubbing laundry by hand all day long?! (It wasn’t that long ago this was happening in history for the majority of mankind.)

Time is neither “good” nor “bad.” It’s a useful neutral tool that makes life more efficient. Time as a tool serves to improve our lifestyle so that we are free to express our divine Self on this (plane)t. Time as an identity, however, leads to unnecessary stress and suffering. “Dead”lines can choke the living daylight out of any creative endeavors. Use time, don’t let time use you. Of course common sense suggests to attend to your external commitments, duties, and responsibilities, but don’t let time ever mess with your inner freedom.

Qualitative Productivity through Intention + Attention

Before setting into momentum any task, set your intention by asking these simple questions: Can I remain anchored in Awareness despite the world of distractions? Can I bring the Presence of the Essence to this moment? Am I willing to put forth my Whole Heart and Soul into the Now so that my creative expression is made with love. Step back and watch in awe what happens once you begin.

Attention as a State

Attention is the realm of Genius. By focused attention, one lives life with quality, spontaneity, and wonder. Everything expressed comes out with Power. One recognizes the power of the Instant as it is being recorded by the full presence flowing through.

There are No Differences, Only Distinctions

So really, it never was about a battle between attention and time. IT’s about truly comprehending which one is going to be your prioti modus operandi (Sorry, my Latin stinks!). Like Amazing Grace’s, “I once was lost, now I am Found”, what is going to be your (Found)ation? Which Order of Operation is going to be your primary identification: time or attention?

Attention is the Realm of the Infinite and Eternal, or Spirit. Time is the realm of finite, parameters and boundaries like the body.

By operating dominantly in the realm of time, you are severely limiting your potential of expression, or creativity. Sure, time can serve as a motivating tool toward accomplishing a goal by a target date, but if you choose to focus with your awareness instead, you will enjoy the “slow-mo” flow of the timeless, attentional state that the “tool called time” will be an optional part of your repertoire. 🙂

Never allow time to rule you because WHAT YOU TRULY ARE is limitless, fearless, and powerful. 

Choose being fully immersed in the Process of Creation instead of being stressed by the illusion of time.

Carpe diem!


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