June 2010

20 Jun City of Alchemy

da Wholy Stretch! continuesPittsburgh, Pennsylvania is where I find myself hosting the Wholy Shift?! Glow with da Flow Show with journalist, editor, author, dancer, mom…in other words, life extraordinaire, Gina Mazza!

I heard about Gina online a few months ago when I read her amazing interview with Dr. David R. Hawkins, who wrote the book Power Vs. Force. I had already been reading Dr. Hawkins work on the spiritual evolution of mankind and decided to surf the Net to learn more. I “coincidentally” stumbled across the interview and was impressed by the depth of the questions she was asking this enlightened man. Her specialty is interviewing high-profile people from all sectors on their spiritual perspective and experiences.

Instantly, I just knew I had to reach out to her. I saw that she has had many spiritual experiences that we could relate to. Because of that, I also knew she would be the perfect editor to guide me through my first book, Wholy Stretch!

So after Wholy Stretching, I am face-to-face with the glowing Gina Mazza (click link to see picture), interviewing about her own personal Wholy Shift! She also speaks about her book – Everything Matters, Nothing Matters, the historical transitions of the Steel City and shares her perspective on the supposed upcoming 2012 shift. The 5-part interview is nearly 50 minutes long but is worth every second of attention, guaranteed! (I apologize for the loud background noise. Makes it so that you really tune in to the wisdom Gina-ji is imparting) 😉

Don’t forget to read her book, EMNM. “An Absolute Awesome Divine Ride!”

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15 Jun 9/11 Remembrance

The literal signs had guided me to the 9/11 memorial at Boston’s Logan Airport, the Meditation/Chapel room in Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and onto Ground Zero in New York City.

To return to the World Trade Center site and actually seeing it gone was a reality check. I had seen and touched both towers from ground level almost 12 years ago.

Now, there was nothing but blue sky, clouds, sunshine and angels beaming down onto this rare open spot of Manhattan. Life busily goes on as the New Yorkers & the World continue to move forward with courage, strength and forgiveness, never forgetting that fateful day.

To see the rebuilding and the plans for One World Trade Center was inspirational and testimony that the Phoenix does indeed rise from the ashes. The surrounding memorial site will be just as beautiful, and a reminder that we should not take life for granted and always stand united for Truth and Peace, even within ourselves.

In Memory of All Those Who Lost Their Lives On September 11, 2001…

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12 Jun Cheers: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

da Wholy Stretch! continues…

On the last blog post, Grind Vs. Flow, I spoke about meeting Internet Marketer, Jason Silvestri. Before meeting Jay, we had to agree where we were going to meet. Since it was my first time in Boston and just so happen to find myself near one of the most iconic landmarks of the town (actually, it was a replica of the real thing), I told him to meet me at Cheers. For those of you who don’t know, Cheers is the pub where the popular 1980s sitcom was based on. One of the most memorable parts of the show, was the theme song, Where Everybody Knows Your Name. The song is one of those memories that can instantly transport me back into the 80s.

The Beantown Signs takes me through various parts of the beautiful city of Boston. One of them, a prestigious higher learning institution called Harvard University and the nostalgic Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. Hangin’ around Beantown, it would be rare if you didn’t bump into someone who was sporting Red Sox paraphernalia. The Bawwstin folks are feverish FANatics and of course,… absolutely hate the Yankees!

Throughout the town were random performances by street entertainers. I was able to capture a dancin’ one on video in the subway. The cultural energy of Boston is unforgettable, so rich with history. It truly touches your heart as you feel connected to America’s family. I really look forward to more future visits.

Cheers! 😉

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08 Jun Grind Vs. Flow

The Miracle Adventure Continues…

I found myself being guided to Boston Beantown where I spontaneously met up with Jason of JasonSilvestri.com. Jay is a marketing extraordinaire who does it all: Personal Brand Building, Website and Product Development, Graphic Design, Real Marketing, Social Media Strategies…The list goes on.  I met him through Twitter a few months of ago.

At first, I was cautious because of his aggressive, candid, in your face approach. You see, Jay doesn’t beat around the bush. He tells it as it is. After watching a few of his videos and speaking to him a few times on the phone, I could see that he has one of the biggest hearts in the whole industry. The guy is truly here to help people succeed. Don’t let his exterior fool you… Scare you, maybe. 😉 Besides the point, you will be hard-pressed to meet anyone in the marketing industry and in life, who gives more than Jay does. That is not a joke. This dude is an over-delivering madman! 🙂

Jason is one of the most hardest and dedicated worker you’ll ever come across, which is why I named his process “The Grind.” He is willing to put his whole being into creating the best work possible and personifies the epitome of electric passion and amazing work ethic. To me, he is truly an inspiration to work harder not just for the sake of working, but to produce the highest and best quality of work doing what I love. That is why I can’t help but love the crazy guy. He’s going for it!

With an fusion attitude of da Flow and da Grind combined, there is no reason one cannot be successful in life. Take that formula and run with it!

Enjoy the next 3 videos from JasonSilvestri.com productions:

Grind vs. Flo, Part 1 and 2 & the blooper: Seagull Divebomb

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06 Jun Let It Ride: The Art of Absolute Surrender

A memorial post dedicated the Brave who sacrificed their lives so that we can live in freedom.

So far the journey has been synchronistic. The intention was set to be a Wholy Stretch! example and reach out to the world. The attention to the signs, signals and symbols have presented themselves and guided me thus far to Cleveland, Ohio en route to networking in Boston. The following video documents the latest insights. My apologies again for the loud airport background noise. 🙂

The Insights Summarized to be Realized:

  • You have this one life. Don’t waste anymore time. BEgin doing what you love even if it’s part-time.
  • Obviously, be responsible and take care of your obligations and duties, but risk it all by absolutely devoting yourself to the Self in everything you do. You are going beyond all odds when you identify with the Nonlinear, Nonlocal & Nondual, thus creating a vortex for the unfoldment of the Wholy Miraculous Presence.
  • Trust builds upon each step you take in faith when surrendering completely to fear of the Unknown and have grown consequently.
  • The energy of the upset of shame, guilt, fear, anger, and pride are merely feedback to claim your power as an autonomous powerful being by asking the Wholy Spirit to carry you through that which you cannot do alone.
  • Aliveness replaces fear as life is enhanced with the delivery of the gift of present moment awareness.
  • If anything feels forced, take a break from the grind. Walk away, reconnect to Source and allow the Field fill you up with creativity. Your work will be imbedded with the activating qualities of excellence, inspiration and beauty.
  • Follow da Flow through by allowing the signs of the universe to guide, navigate and dance your every move.

Only stretch yourself one step outside your comfort zone so that leaps of awareness can take its place. The perspective from the top is breath-taking.  You’re on your way. Keep On Stretching! 😉

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05 Jun Wholy Jonathan Livingston Seagull?!

Although I’ve never read the book, I could only imagine that was him whizzing full throttle by my head. Richard Bach, the author states, “This is a story for people who follow their hearts and make their own rules…people who get special pleasure out of doing something well, even if only for themselves…people who know there’s more to this living than meets the eye: they’ll be right there with Jonathan, flying higher and faster than ever they dreamed.” There couldn’t have been a better meaning for this theme. 🙂

Signs and Sighs of the Miraculous

This moment was so spontaneous and instantaneous, I couldn’t even react. My response, only a smile at the improbable miracle and gentle touch of a rocketing bird gracefully feathering my crown. What are the chances? Even the probability of being so fractionally closed, I could have been on the opposite end of a “Randy Johnson hits bird with a fastball” karma. A little too low and I would have been toast! Even in slow-mo, that bird was wickedly fast!!! Fortunately, da Bird with da Word and I had no past beef. LOL!

Divine Universal Confirmation

Ah, the paradox of a gentle breeze from a soaring bird. This awesome moment all happened so fast yet so slow. The video captured both – the essence of which there was no thought, not even a hesitation or even an excitement to interrupt fellow internet marketer, Jason Silvestri’s introduction…just a going with the flow with an inner Joy of a sweet serendipitous sighing smile. 😉

Possibility into Probability Flowering into Actuality

The miraculous is ever so captivating. Live ever so freely. Follow the heart’s intention with attention and watch the improbable become even more possible & actual with the faith of a flowering mustard seed. Life’s too short. Go for it!

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02 Jun Dolphin Living Love

We all heard the proverbial cliche, “Do what you love, love what you do.” Sounds easy, right. So, why is it that the majority of people aren’t living this way? Some say because you can’t make money operating from this orientation. While others don’t have the patience because of the instant gratification of needing things NOW. They will lower their standards and break integrity using the force of persuasion, seduction and glamor to make the quick buck.

Contrast that with the powerful activating attractive quality of preparing food with love or experiencing the loving bedside manner of a compassionate doctor. These are deep emotions that are touching and nurturing. It’s healing not just the person who receive, but also to the one who gives. Both feels Whole ‘n’ One. 😉

Recently, I’ve met with two amazing internet marketers who are living, loving, & healing examples of this heart-based model –  Krista Abbott and Jennifer Hart. Here’s a Facebook picture of our recent St. Augustine meeting. We held space for an amazing mastermind blog radio conversation about The Heart of Authentic Marketing and Life.

We have created an internet marketing alliance of heart-centered marketers, called the Sol Syndication Tribe, who offer real value that enable client purchasing initiatives rather than customer manipulation that hook them into buying products and services.

The following video demonstrates fluid living examples of a marketing model that attracts and generate traffic through the essence of Lovingness that gives meaning to people’s lives.

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