March 2011

22 Mar Random Flow?!

Here I was waiting at a Vancouver bus stop just before midnight with expensive healing machines and a very high chance of rain. I had no umbrella nor shelter and there was no sign of a bus coming. Half an hour before, I had just finished working with a professional fighter and now I was on my way home via public transit.

Well, there was no sign of the ’33’ coming and I was beginning to wonder if I would have to potentially come up with Plan B. Again, I felt I was being tested by the Universe to TRUST. So, I closed my eyes and surrendered to da Deep. Prior to reconnecting, I had called my sleepy buddy, Lucas, to check the internet whether that route was done for the night.

Sure enough – while on the phone – a bus appears in the distance. BUT as it moves closer, I could see that it was Out of Service.

“Great?!,” I sighed in disbelief. Part of me was disappointed, YET da Real Me had witnessed miracles before. That’s when the bus pulled up to the stop and opened the door. “Hey, where are you going? You know this bus route stopped running,” says the driver. I told him that I was heading home back to Yaletown and needed to get to the Canada Line on Prince Edward. He told me to, “Get in!”

Turns out, he was the same bus driver of the bus I had taken earlier, and he had recognized me lugging around my big red suitcase from before. So, SYNCHRONICITY and SERENDIPITY were SIMULTANEOUSLY dancing again…I ended up getting a complimentary ride on my own private OK COACH! (wink), having a connecting conversation with the driver, got directly dropped off at my train stop, AND was given a bonus gift – a FREE bus pass for the train. Talk about being, “OUT OF SERVICE?!”

I arrived home safe and sound without a single drop of rain on da FlowReal Moi. 😉 Miraculous Random Flow?!

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17 Mar Letter from a Reader

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

…Back in January, I received a random inspiring email from a passer-by to my blog site, You see, the internet does have some benefits?! It really brings the world that much closer.

A reader from Ontario, Canada, shared her touching story that will either blow you away or reaffirm, confirm your faith and trust in this Grand Wonderful Universe. Read On…

I am new to your site but I absolutely LOVE the knowledge and the vibe it has to offer. After looking around a little bit and reading the Whole ‘n’ One Formula, I really look forward to receiving the next e-newsletter and checking out more of your blogs and such. Very thought provoking, inspiring stuff. Thank you for sharing such valuable wisdom and insight, it is very much obliged! I am a 25 year old Psychology major with a minor in Sociology and I have an absolute fascination with all spiritual, self help new age philosophy. I was definitely drawn to your website. I came across your site through another recent visit to a site I’m sure you’re very familiar with 🙂

In case you ever have a few spare moments and are interested, I wish to share with you an incredible story of my first unbelievable experience with the law of attraction.

I am genuinely grateful for absolutely every aspect of my life, including my career as a legal assistant in a criminal law firm which I am content to say that I have achieved through my use of the Law of Attraction without even realizing the extent of it at the time.

As a direct result of my practice of LOA, I went from perhaps the lowest point in my life, to the highest point in my life, literally in a matter of months. I think I may even have difficulty believing my story, had it not happened to me…

Upon breaking up with an ex-boyfriend of mine and trying to get back my belongings which he refused to return, he decided to call the Police and place false allegations against me. As a result of these false allegations, I was arrested, handcuffed, and taken from my workplace the next day on alleged criminal charges of assault, mischief and theft under $5000. As I had absolutely no working knowledge of the legal system, no money for a lawyer, and had never been involved with the Police or the Criminal Justice system ever before in my entire life, I basically found myself in complete despair. They took fingerprints and mug shots and I was released on a Promise to Appear and provided with a court date. With only 3 months left of university before I would be graduating with my Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in Psychology, I was BEYOND devastated; I knew that with a criminal record I could never get a career working in my field!

I spent a few days crying and feeling sorry for myself. Trying desperately to figure out what I should do or who I should turn to as a university student with no finances. I desperately tried contacting lawyers for consultations, without any success. I tried researching and contacting anyone I could think of that may be able to assist me in making sense of it all, again, without any success. I sucked it up and attended my first court appearance all by myself. I stood up in court and was provided with my disclosure outlining all police notes, statements, etc. the matter was then adjourned so I could decide what I wanted to do, whether that be go to trial or whatnot.

I can recall walking into my house, taking a good look at the disclosure and just bursting into tears as I had absolutely NO idea how to even interpret the legal jargon scrolled across the front page which outlined what it was they were asking for. Again, I spent a few more days crying and feeling sorry for myself. Trying desperately to figure out what I should do or who I should turn to. I tried doing more research, making more phone calls, all without success.

As frustrating as it was knowing that I was innocent, I had no one to turn to with any legal knowledge so I ultimately decided to take the offer which was to avoid trial, I had to complete a counseling program for women involved in domestic abuse, at which time the Prosecutor would withdraw the charges that had been placed against me. I decided I needed to make a decision one way or another. The indecisiveness was driving me crazy. Finally I came to terms with the fact that I was going to have to stop crying and feeling sorry for myself. I knew that the only way to begin feeling better and to start putting the pieces of my life back together, was to get on with it. And so I enrolled in the court ordered women’s group and began to heal.

From the day that I decided that I would in fact attend the counseling, I also made a conscious decision to change the way I thought and felt about the entire situation. I began to tell myself that this was all happening for a reason, that there was more to it than meets the eye. I began to tell myself that maybe I was going through this for the sake of an extraordinary learning experience, that maybe I had to learn this knowledge, in this way, in order to help others in the future in similar circumstances. Once a week for a few months, I attended the women’s support group for those of us who had been involved with domestic violence, at which time I also attended several more court dates completely on my own. And without even knowing of the blessed power of the Law of Attraction, each and everyday I focused all of mind’s energy on the fact that this was all happening for a reason and that this would most definitely amount to something beneficial for me in the long run, I just had no idea what.

Upon completion of the counseling, not only did I get a letter from the counselor highlighting how much of an asset I was to the group and how much I shared and encouraged others to do the same, I also had only one final court date to go, in plea court. This is where the story gets good…

The morning of my final court appearance, I told myself the same thing I did everyday, that this whole thing was happening for a very good reason and that it would definitely turn out to be something positive for me in the long run. I had not been counting on the fact that it would turn positive THAT DAY necessarily. Not knowing the power of the Law of Attraction at that time, to be honest, I was not even using my mental focus as a way of actually trying to bring the positive experience into myself, I was simply using this type of positive thinking as a way of calming my anxiety and worrisome thoughts about the entire situation. I had no idea the power of what I was doing!!

As I sat in the courtroom, calm and collected, thankful that today was the final day of all of this, and that only the positive was left to come, the court appointed lawyer called out for me and I raised my hand. A look of surprise I could not comprehend, came over his face. At which time he brought me into the office next to the courtroom to have a discussion. He said that I seemed oddly out of place and that I seemed very calm and collected considering I was sitting in an Court of Justice Criminal Courtroom waiting to be sentenced. He asked about my story. I calmly explained my story and the position I was in. He sat and stared. He said that I seemed intelligent and wondered if I read a lot of books. I told him yes, I was actually graduating from university in less than a month with my BA Honors Degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. He was very much surprised to get to know more about me and my circumstance considering the allegations against me for theft, mischief and assault.

We returned to the courtroom at which time he wrapped up my charges and they were withdrawn. He called me back into the office at which time he offered me a job! We talked business and I began doing research for him and some potential business ideas he had, he also had me working in a part time position at his law office. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! I was so, so very thankful and happy. I continued to tell myself how many more positive things would come from this new job, how many great connections I would make and how many amazing opportunities would arise. Again, without even having knowledge of the law of attraction, as if things were already not great enough, within 1-2 weeks this lawyer had recommended me to an alternative criminal law firm where I began working full time as a legal assistant and have been working there ever since, for just over a year now!!

To go from one day being labeled a so-called “criminal” to almost the next being labeled “legal assistant” was absolutely UNBELIEVABLE.

To later learn of the Law of Attraction, looking back on the experience, it absolutely blew my mind! I had not even stopped to realize the significance of what I was doing with the power of my thinking. Now I am inspired. I am excited. I want to continue learning and so here I am! I have been on a journey for knowledge and insight for as long as I can remember and I was drawn to your website among many other sources of knowledge and inspiration. I cannot wait to hear more of what you have to say!!!

Thanks Tone! Keep up the great vibe!

~ Sarah Hopkins

Hi Sarah,

Wow! Wholy Shift?! That was an incredible story you shared from da Heart!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful gift.

You have an amazing attitude and are a direct testament of having faith and trust in the Wholiness within. I feel very honored that
you would share such a story with me even though we had never met. How you found my blog site is evident that LOA is in da Works. 😉

Your story and YOU, will serve to inspire others to never ever give up and to dig deep to activate and to be moved by Divine Grace and Strength. Rather than overindulging in victimhood, you decided to honor your sadness and then finally, you took responsibility for your life. You realized there are no accidents in life but lessons to be learned and negative karma to be burned. You simply shifted your focus toward the Greater.

The courage (BTW – which is Latin from “coming from the heart”) you were able to tap into and exemplify speaks for itself. You are filled with wisdom and your direct miraculous experience has deepened your awareness of the Source. Wherever you go, your aura shines this knowingness. Your example will inspire others to incredible faith, trust and devotion. Continue to move forward with trust even when others doubt you. Teach and counsel others who are open and willing. Your story has even served to deepened my trust and faith in the Divine ~ That…I AM Whole ‘n’ One!

Thank you again for sharing your amazing Law of Attraction story. Wholy Whoa, FlowGirl! 😉

As for the blogsite, I’ll do my very best to share what I know that I don’t know. LOL! 😉 Thank you again for your support. Never stop stretching, growing and learning. Remain humble and above all, Trust in da Real Self that you already are. I promise to BE the same. 🙂

Yours in Whole ‘n’ Oneness,

Tone Floreal

Have a WonderFull Wholiday, Y’All! Peace and Love.


Tone Floreal

P.S. Stay Tuned and Attuned for the Whole ‘n’ One Perpetual Course of Self-Mastery

to be release spontaneously soon by OK COACH! & the Wholy Shift! School of da Real 😉

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05 Mar Day O’Dublin

24 Hours of FUN in Dublin, Ireland, enjoying da IRISH LOVE!

St. Valentine’s Relics, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and of course, Guinness Factory! No better way to end a day with a REAL PINT of GOOD GUINNESS BEER from da Source. Poured the Precise Way of 119.5 secs. Surreal-ness that Guinness! 😛

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