2015: The Year of No Excuses (What Would Bruce Lee Do?)

02 Jan 2015: The Year of No Excuses (What Would Bruce Lee Do?)

Bruce-LeeBruce Lee is one of my boyish idols. I’ll get back to him in a sec…

So, on this second day into 2015, I found myself bussing around Los Angeles taking care of errands (At this point – You’re all probably laughing that I’m riding around LA on a bus. You’d be surprised how good the metro is here?!!). 

The day had me so busy that I could have skipped out on a workout. Being that we’re all riding the energy of New Year’s clean slate, I refused to give in to the little devil on my one shoulder, whispering into my ear, “It’s Friday night. Just chill out and workout, mañana.”

Instead, mini-Bruce Lee (just like from the classic Lipton Brisk Iced Tea claymation commercial with the Karate Kid & Mr. Miyagi) appears on my opposite shoulder in his “Waaaaiiiiiiiiyaaaaaaa” kick-ass voice and tells me to “pick up the broom and sweep.” Next thing I know, I’m busting out the Secretly-Practiced Oriental Peasant Martial Art Workout Moves using just a broom and a pull-up bar. In fifteen short minutes, I was able to sweep the entire apartment floor while getting a quick workout in. Simultaneously, I received a creative spark that led me to write my first blog post of 2015.

 Here’s my “Sweep the Floor” Workout:

IMG_26051. 10-minutes Warm-up ~ Sweep Floor while humming “Eye of the Tiger” (I hum because I can’t sing a damn!)

2. 25 Broom Overhead Squats 

3. 15 Split Squats holding the broom on the opposite hand from the lead leg.

4. 25 Push-ups

5. 30-second Plank

6. 2 Pull-ups

For some of you, this is a pathetic workout since you’re already SO BUFFED. And if you’re laughing at me, I’m gonna send Bruce, himself, over to kick yo’ bitch-ass!

 I’m writing this for the people that made excuses their entire life but deep down they really want to change.

Listen, if that person is you, let this post inspire a fire within you. Start small and build each day. Everyday, just add a little more pushups, a couple more squats, a few more sit-ups, run a little farther. You’d be surprised the person you’ll become if you never, ever give up.

My one friend, Michael, set a 30-day challenge goal to run everyday and post a picture of his run on Facebook to stay accountable to his community. He’s on Day 24 as I write this! Go Michael!

As I told another friend, Joyce, who decided to positively change her life this year, “Fall off the horse, just hop back on…and keep ridin’. Yeehaaaawwww!!” Go Joyce!

Make 2015, The Year of No Excuses!!! I believe in you! I know you can do it! Now, go kick some serious booty!