September 2015

20 Sep Flow Real TV Episode #2 – Brian Rose of London Real – Escaping the Alcatraz Mind

Brian Rose of London Real – Escaping The Alcatraz Mind

A former banker and trader, Brian Rose started London Real TV from his flat in the Shoreditch district of London with just a couple of webcams four years ago. Millions of views and many incredible guests later, he has a TED talk under his belt  – and he created a new learning academy for people who want to build their best self.

Though a series of hurdles, synchronicity and flow, Tone Floreal manages to land Mr. Rose on the second episode of Flow Real TV…

Show Notes:

1:31 – “Talking Story” Quote from Marie-Rose Phan-Le

2:27 Extending the Hawaiian Spirit of Talking Story to Mr. Brian Rose

3:46 – Going back to Cali. “It’s not the where you go but the who you see.”

5:42 – Getting a Perspective on Life. Being humbled by Giant Sequoias and Half Dome in Yosemite.

6:42 – Monkey Mind

7:15 – London Real Academy SF Focus Group. Alcatraz – becoming a prisoner of our own mind. Supermom.

10:11 – Were there consequences of coming out of the psychedelic closet?

12:45 – Being public about the Psychedelic use was perhaps his USP/IP. Mention: @DanPena, @JoeRogan

13:09 Being Vulnerable. Screwing up in life. Mention: @JamesAltucher

14:21 – Starting London Real was therapeutic for Brian – listening to other people’s stories and being around the guests. The need to broadcast himself.

15:55 – How did Jujitsu and doing interviews help in learning to feel people’s energy? Mention: @EddieBravo

18:44 – How did Jujitsu transfer over to London Real? Flow States and being Present. Mention: @DaveAsprey

20:09 – Were there some guest who were not congruent with their message off-camera?

21:39 – What is the most profound Flow State you remember where you felt superhuman? Mention @PeterSage

23:05 – Being in flow with @PeterSage during a London Real episode

24:16 – The higher the risk, the greater the flow potential.

25:31 – Mention @DorianYates – Let’s talk from the Heart.

26:04 – People care more about the story and interaction than the production value

26:23 – Setting up conditions for Flow. Mention @NeilStrauss. Preparing, then letting go.

27:38 Flow moment (Floment). Perfectionism can kill flow states

28:38 – Tone Floreal’s story on how he met Brian Rose through Flow.
Mention @JoeRogan, @TaiLopez – “Knowing flow, I waited for the opening.”

32:03 – London Real Academy – [Edit Error – “…do camera setup and you’re actually releasing a show on “How to Broadcast” like in a few days from now.”

32:21 – Focus Group opportunity in London. Making the leap. Encountering Resistance on the way there from Hawaii.

33:06 – Community manager @NoorahNaker tells Brian that Tone Floreal was flying all the way from Hawaii. Timing is everything. Ripening Process.

35:08 – Yin/Yang of Flow

36:04 – Do both: Doing the hard work and letting things happen. The Art of Flow in the moment. Discovering the Mystery through our own journey.

37:43 – Flow during conversation and during London Real taping

38:18 – Don’t realize flow until after the fact. Feedback loops.

39:34 – Differences and similarities of various kinds of flow states

40:17 – London Real Focus Group Flow. Being truly human. Inauthentic to be positive all the time. Mention @IdoPortal – Dogma and Expecting hard times in life

44:29 – The Breakdown leads to the Breakthrough

45:48 – Feedback about the London Real Academy Culture

47:21 – The only metrics he focuses on is being super humble and being excited about the LR Academy. Keep the spirit going.

48:21 – Brian primed the REAL movement through the London Real Show. The hard-core London Realers that bleed London Real and want to become better.

50:59 – Brian Rose is changing and growing. Mention @MatthewMyro

51:35 – Matchmaking site, Facilitating connections with members around the world. Used to look at metrics on number of views and subscriptions. London Real Team Mention @JulianBailes, @DreDomenichini @LuisSolarat

52:52 – Humility to listen to the feedback of your peeps

53:36 – Flow Time Warp – Truly Living. Going to bed with a stinky grin. Mention @PhilipMcKernan, @MarianaAleksieva, @DanPena

55:00 – Constructive Criticism is valuable

56:46 – Taking the lumps from the internet feedback.

57:27 – Mention @RobertGreene, Blind spots are gateways to flow

58:10 – How do you know who to listen to? Mention @SiliconReal, Listen to your customers while still holding true to the your vision. So many modern companies still miss this. In-Person Focus Groups forces you to listen even if you don’t want to. Online comments are considered if 5-10% of the audience says the same thing over a period of time. Mention @OliveHui of @New York Real, Feedback toughens you up!

1:00:39 – What’s Brian vision for everything…

1:01:58 – Doesn’t even know what London Real is yet?! In TED Talk, he talked about finding your tribe that are just like you. Mention @OliveHui, @BrendaRamirez, Self-select people by being yourself and sharing your own message

1:04:10 – Mention @TimFerriss – Most billionaires are really unhappy

1:05:05 – Being a servant to London Real. Being in flow with London Real

1:05:53 – Flow is the medicine of the future. Words like Consciousness, Meditation, Psychedelics and Spirituality has a bent on it. Mainstream will gravitate to Flow. Flow is the Future. We all want to be around people that flow including ourselves.

1:06:57 – The Flow Glow (X-factor). Everybody has it. Remembering when NOT having it.

1:08:04 – The London Real Lifestyle and the people he’s met in the last four years. The impact it had on on his life through all the talks and conversations.

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10 Sep Flow Real TV Episode #1 – Bad Boy In A Good Way – Vince “The Odd Fella” Cucolichio

Vincent “The Odd Fella” Cucolichio – Bad Boy In A Good Way

Vinnie has always been a non-conformist his entire life of 85 years – always questioning everything.

He shares stories of his upbringing in San Francisco while going through the 1930s Depression with his immigrant Italian family.

Always a troublemaker, he manages to maintain his non-conformity despite the military’s attempt to indoctrinate him. Follow along as Mr. Cucolichio tells incredible and funny stories about his early life, and his 18 months tour of duty on Guam, a small island in the South Pacific.

Show Notes:

2:19 – He was born during the 1930s Depression.

5:32 – Why he is not religious.

15:00 – Found out why his father wasn’t religious either.

17:35 – Being a non-conformist and why he loves to travel.

23:15 – Didn’t enjoy high school. He couldn’t understand the point. Graduated despite being a troublemaker.

28:10 – Why he really joined the Navy.

29:02 – Discovering what he really loved to do.

37:30 – Getting seduced by a carnival gypsy.

39:30 – Enrolling into the Navy and going through Boot Camp indoctrination.

42:31 – Grown men crying for mommy and peeing their beds.

44:22 – Overseas 18 month duty on Guam and going through a typhoon (Tone Floreal had similar experiences on Guam in 2003).

47:34 – It’s a small world?!! – Synchronicity (Flow Moments). Military Meticulousness.

55:11 – His pirate dream came true. Bucking the system.

56:17 – Was more worried contracting possible venereal diseases than being in hairy war situations. It’s a small world AGAIN when he sees an old friend in Life Magazine.


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