October 2015

29 Oct Flow Real TV Episode #6 – Kevin McNamara – The Aussie Juiceman

KevinMacAussieJuicemanGetting Juicy with the Aussie Juiceman!

Kevin McNamara is a 20-year veteran of the Australian Police Force and now, currently an immigration officer. Despite a series of seemingly setbacks and tragedies – like losing his first-born daughter to SIDS (sudden death infant syndrome), going through two divorces and being diagnosed with prostate cancer, he has taken responsibility for the curveballs life has thrown at him and healed himself from all these tough challenges. His life’s mission now is to give people to the exact tools he’s used to create health, wellness and vitality in his own life.

Show Notes:
4:01 – Meeting through London Real Academy, created by Brian Rose the host and founder of London Real TV. Like-minded inspiring people from around the world looking to “Build The Best You.” The biggest benefits of joining the LR Academy?

5:58 – Tone Floreal explains why he flew across the world to Australia just to meet Kevin.

6:55 – Kevin opens up and explains his process for healing from the grief of losing his first-born daughter, Holly, to sudden infant death syndrome.

13:24 – Was lost for quite some time and found meditation. Was always spiritual despite not agreeing with his Catholic fear-based religious upbringing. Was alway in awe staring at the stars, the sun, the sky since his early childhood. Always asking the big picture questions.

15:36 – Listened to self-help/self-development tapes of pioneering teachers like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill

16:09 – Not being able to talk DEEP with his peers in the police force. Knew over time that being an officer is not really his calling.

17:03 – Stop blaming and taking responsibility for his own life was the key to his healing.

19:26 – Started support group for parents who lost their child to SIDS.

21:35 – Ignoring the SIGNS. Finding about having prostate cancer. Hearing about Don Tolman, the Whole Food Medicine Man, and decided to go the “alternative” route to healing versus conventional medicine. Was able to heal himself following the juicing protocol.

28:59 – Believes being on blood pressure pills for 7-8 years contributed to his prostate cancer. He trusted his medical doctor. The scary side effects of medications. Big Pharma – huge money maker. Believe in medical intervention for emergency situations. Otherwise, most ailments and symptoms can be healed through natural means.

33:28 – Maintain a healthy lifestyle while still having fun, like eating french fries occasionally. Don’t be too rigid.

34:14 – Sharing his story, message, and education through smilingbodysmilingmind.com and KevinspiresTV on YouTube

36:27 – Greedy Big Business of Big Pharma & Big Charity – The bottom line reality as opposed to actually helping the cause. Organizing a charity event in Holly’s memory and lessons he’s learned.

41:12 – Kevin recalls his Flow Moments. Attitude of Gratitude for life. His partner, Joy, had a big positive impact on him. Using meditation as a portal for inner peace. Enjoyed the adrenaline rush during car chases as a police officer – felt THE ZONE.

47:21 – The Information Junkie Trap. Collaborating in the future on the “Nothing” Retreats. The difference between Motivation vs. Inspiration.

Kevin’s website: http://smilingbodysmilingmind.com

Kevin’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/smilingbody…

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16 Oct Flow Real TV Episode #5 – Scott Jeffrey – The Alchemist’s Journey

Author, Cult Branding Expert & Business Strategist, Scott Jeffrey riffs on little “c” and BIG “C” Creativity, the myth of being born a genius, and how holding the tension between the Conscious (awareness) & the Unconscious (the shadow) as an alchemical process, creates the high energetic conditions for tapping into your fullest human potential and flow…

2:31 – Meeting in 3D, in the flesh. Real in-person connection vs. digital relationships. How people used to meet in the past. The irony of being isolated even when surrounded by people.

4:08 – Creativity and Flow. Cross-polination of ideas, Lateralization. The Hero’s Adventure. What is the source for inspiration?

5:35 – Big “C” Creativity and little “c” creativity. The myth of being born a genius. High performers discovering and falling in love with their passion. Mozart study everything in music prior to creating his own work and developing unconscious competence. High performers invest in passion with time, effort, failure and strategy to reach excellence.

10:20 – Experimenting in our own life laboratory. Play and Fail. Learning process formula – Fail, Fail Quickly, Adapt. Failure is Feedback. Self-Correction

11:00 – The Power of Language. Internal Negative Self-Talk. Positive and Negative Asymmetry – 3x more negative words than positive words in our emotion vocabulary. Bias toward negativity. Solution is to consciously cultivate the positive vocabulary override the negative context of the brain, environment & language will work against you.

11:55 – How to change your old negative patterns and cultivating your development and creativity. Starting point – first know that 95% of our behavior is unconscious. Then, shine the light of consciousness onto the Unconscious and bring it into balance.

13:39 – What is the Unconscious and Conscious Mind? Putting the power of intention and attention (conscious awareness) onto the Unconscious. Using mindfulness training as the starting point.

15:57 – The Spookiness of the Unconscious. Sleepwalking Zombie Motif. Applying consciousness to “wake up.” Scott’s personal practices to wake up to the present moment & allowing anxiety to be. Thinkingness vs. Non-thinking. The dominance of over-thinking leads to neurosis. Integration of head, heart and gut (different brains)

21:15 – What’s the point of becoming present? The Unconscious behavior constantly hijacks us. Adults acting like children, thinking they’re acting like adults. Tapping into your own fulfillment and enrichment.

22:33 – Scott’s earliest memories of Flow. The Natural State. The Zone. Mindfulness to the present moment, passion and curiosity to amplify the brain’s learning capacity. The Spectrum of Mental Illness and Health.

28:07 – The mad scientist/genius. The Convention vs. the Outliers. Seeking approval and status seeking. The Haters. The Self-Actualizers. The Renaissance.

32:58 – What causes children to learn fear and anxiety? Parent and School Architecture. Sir Ken Robinson. Divergent Thinking. Carol Dweck’s Growth and Fixed Mindsets during parenting.

35:36 – The Conspiracy of the Public School System. Nietzsche’s Slave and Master’s Consciousness. Advertising was born out of the military. Mind control. Propaganda. Reversing the programming.

38:25 – How countries like Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan could convince their citizens to go to war. Consciousness is innately innocent. Projecting specialness to the charismatic figures of authority. Reclaiming your power to self-actualization.

43:09 – Children throwing Truth Bombs. Comedy. Vulnerability. Heart Space shutting down through power struggles and dependence for survival. Unconscious viruses being passed down through generations.

46:44 – Our” Inner Animal” and not fully acknowledging these reptilian subverted thoughts, feelings and impulses. Learning to process these impulses in healthy ways. How comedians express honestly what’s on their minds and why we laugh when we hear this truth. We realize we are not alone and that we are all the same. Being honest with ourselves, than communicating openly and connecting with humanity.

49:45 – The Shadow – we all have a darker side. It’s uncomfortable to unpack the shadow to become whole and wakeup from the Unconscious.

52:41 – The benefits of shadow work to tap into flow. Childhood repression of the animal impulses that leads to the feeling of carrying around heavy psychic energy, which limits our vitality. By owning up to your shadow, you can manifest your innate human potential.

55:43 – Cutting off a part of you, you kill your energy, your vitality, your creative potential. Bringing everything into balance and integrating the “seeming” opposites. Why we identify with one or the other? The Alchemist’s Journey – holding and allowing the tension between the seemingly opposites leads to the Alchemical Magic of Creativity and Flow.

Check out: http://scottjeffrey.com

Get my FREE book and flow course here: http://tonefloreal.com

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11 Oct Flow Real TV Episode #4 – Pineapple Olive of New York Real

An artist, musician and actress, Olive Hui is also the founder and host of New York Real TV. She was challenged by London Real’s founder, Brian Rose, to start her own Real. Now over ten episodes and growing, she’s has interviewed rock star, Andrew W.K. to End of Life Doula, Suzanne B. O’Brien. In this episode of Flow Real, Olive talks about growing up in a religious family in Hong Kong, overcoming an eating disorder and moving to New York City to gain her independence and identity. Perhaps for the first time in television history, Olive calls out the Flow State during the filming of her own interview on Flow Real TV?!! Make no mistake, Pineapple Olive KNOWS Flow. Check out her interviewing me on New York Real!

1:59 – Challenged by Brian Rose of London Real to start her own REAL

3:35 – Olive suggested to the NY Yellow Cab driver to watch Dan Pena, Peter Sage and Tai Lopez episodes of London Real for financial inspiration.

4:11 – Olive uses Twitter to connect with amazing people, including Brian Rose

5:02 – Wanted to learn from Brian Rose. She wished he had a school. Lo and behold, he starts the London Real Academy?!

6:32 – Olive’s tip for reaching out to someone prominent or creative.

7:17 – Olive starts New York Real with no experience or skills.

8:24 – Probably stumbled across London Real through YouTube suggestion after watching Lilou Mace, an online interviewer & vlogger. She remember watching the Brian Rose and Peter Sage episode and it stuck in her mind.

9:15 – Peter Sage talked about how people don’t love themselves. But why? Becky Walsh explains that our brains are filled with negativity everyday.

10:24 – Growing up in Hong Kong and moving to New York. Her upbringing in a religious Chinese family, being rebellious while developing an eating disorder. Pondering the universe, questioning religion and dealing with the stress of growing up.

16:13 – Girls with eating disorders tend to leave home. They needed space to discover and find themselves.

18:00 – Overcoming her bulimia. Her boyfriend told her he would still love her no matter what. Recovery could even be self-love. “No matter what you’ll be fine.”

19:51 – Becoming a performer and artist. Double major. Had some theatre experience growing up.

21:51 – Expressing yourself in healthy and creative ways.

22:46 – David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” and Brain Dumping & organizing your life. Getting out of your comfort zones and connecting with strangers.

24:44 – Expressing through painting and sketching. Minimalist-style. Going to art meet up. Loves playing out-of-tune old pianos. Art and emotions. Playing in a band and going on tour in the US and Europe.

30:04 – Connecting with the fans. Nothing else matters in the moment of music playing. Group Flow States.

32:04 – Olive shot calls the Flow Moment. Powerful when everyone is in the flow state together. When you’re doing what you love and are passionate about, you feel it. Going through the healthy cycle of happiness and sadness – being human.

35:15 – Actors and performer wanting to remain high after the performance so they do things to try to stay in that state, like drinking and drugs. Olive shares how lucky we are to live in our bodies and live life like a performance. The older she gets, the more she feels blessed to be in her body living life.

36:11 – Flow States in the band – each band mates are in different states. Someone has to be the leader in the band. Communication and Trust. Your twenties is a buffet to try everything. She love being in her thirties – it’s like living in her twenties, twice.

40:48 – Recognizing the flow state moment while interviewing Brian Rose on London Real. Trusting yourself, trust who you’re interacting with, trust your journey, trust the world. Trusting the Unknown. Sharing with the world. “Life is too short not to share.” Inspiring people.

43:17 – Knowing flow through the opposite of flow, which includes Death. End-of-life Doula with Suzanne B O’Brien. Losing close ones to death. The death of her grandfather. Shedding the body shell. Doesn’t know about the afterlife, but what she does know is to make this life AWESOME! Losing her dear friend recently and his incredible impact on others. Constant reminders in life to check in and get back into flow.

49:32 – Olive’s respect for her grandparents and elders. Leaving their legacy and sharing stories. We all love stories. The older generation has been through so much, including war…

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01 Oct Flow Real TV Episode #3- Austin Einhorn & Xander Centenari – The State of Flow Performance

Austin Einhorn and Xander Centenari rap about high performance training and flow states. Austin is a former professional athlete who now coaches athletes and the general population how to move more efficiently and powerfully. Pro athletes like Professional Tennis Player, Xander Centenari, seek Austin out because he helps athletes produce dramatic results even at the highest professional level.

3:56 – Austin describes his fast track path into the professional ranks. Physical therapist, Jeff Moreno (www.move2thrive.com), was a pivotal mentor in Austin’s early education.

5:50 – Working with Dwight Lowery, starting safety for the Indianapolis Colts ~ THE AHA MOMENT for both of them. This paved the way for working with more professional athletes.

6:55 – Meeting Xander through another professional tennis player he trains – Stephen Stege.

7:45 – Xander’s alway looking for ways to improve his game. Heard about Austin through Stephen.

9:13 – Xander explains Austin’s approach which comprises of a lot of measurable feedback – test & retest

10:38 – Austin goes more in-depth with his ever-molding philosophy due to his rapid thirst for knowledge. The foundation starts with looking at the individual and their unique way of moving.

11:11 – DNS – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, method from Prague – http://www.rehabps.com – The best athletes in the world exhibit movement patterns that prevent injuries. No BS with the programming – No egos involved for both the coach and the athlete.

13:25 – Using technology to measure what may be missed by the naked eye.

14:11 – Athletes producing lots of force and speed but are “driving drunk” and the coach’s job is to “sober” the athlete – microgate.it

14:31 – Xander shares what results he’s noticed since starting the program two months ago.

16:37 – Culturally in sport, we have been misinformed about playing on the “balls of our feet.” Shawn Myszka (optimizemovement.com) – Who gonna be the one to break the old paradigms of sports?

18:09 – Xander learned about proper diaphragmatic breathing mechanics (something no one really talks about in the sports training world). Top ten tennis players in the world have better recovery than the bottom ninety.

21:17 – Xander talks about his passion – The Psychology of Sports Performance. Mindfulness of Breathing

24:57 – Increase Awareness of the “negative” dialogue in your head – Michael Gervais (http://michaelgervais.com), sports psychologist of the Seattle Seahawks.

27:05 – Brene Brown (http://brenebrown.com) – Negativity of our Minds – culturally primed by media. Perception of stress by researchers, Lazarus and Folkman. Growth mindset vs. Fixed Mindset. Physiological responses based on one’s perception to stress and actually, putting yourself into more hostile environments to get better at staying calm under pressure.

31:50 – Having conversation with yourself about “failure.” Common denominator of most successful people is that they experienced the most failures.

34:25 – Combining the Physiological and Psychological Games – the pitfalls and why you need a solid support team around you. The humility and vulnerability of Xander and Austin.

37:33 – The Backwards Brain Bicycle (https://youtu.be/MFzDaBzBlL0) – Difference between knowledge and understanding.

39:22 – Xander talks Flow and its elusiveness. Research now available to set up the conditions for flow (http://www.slideshare.net/StevenKotler/17-flow-triggers)

43:35 – Austin talks Flow – 23andme.com genetic testing – Warrior and Worrier genes

47:29 – Spirituality and Flow, Esalen.org, The opposite of Mindfulness is the Autopilot Dream-like Sleeping State

54:42 – Bone formation is directed by the brain – “Traffic both ways.” The role of genetics and environments and the influence on movement. Best thing to do is to let your baby figure out how to walk.

1:00:24 – Making accelerative leaps in performance w/o using performance enhancing drugs, olympic lifts, etc. “Does it grow corn?” ~ Jamie Wheal, Director of Programs for the FlowGenomeProject.co

1:02:45 – Contact Austin on Twitter @AustinEinhorn or email: austineinhorn16@gmail.com

Follow Xander Centenari on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xander.centenari

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