January 2016

24 Jan Flow Real TV Episode #8 – Gaile Lynn – The Spiritual Gangster

“Gangsta G” ~ Gaile Lynn has studied religion, philosophy, Socratic methods, tantra, yoga, metaphysics, energy medicine, plant medicine, and multiple healing techniques.

She has also traveled to sacred sites around the world to absorb ancient wisdom and to experience varied cultures.

All of this developed a powerful background for her knowledge base as it relates to life and living, yet for Gaile, it has all been distilled down to one single perspective:

There’s really nothing to do and nowhere to get to. It’s just about giving the mind a break from running the show. It’s all an inside job!

Gaile is writing her first book due in December 2016. It’s titled “Thank You For Breaking Up With Me”, which was born out of an epiphany during a challenging break-up of her own.

This book is both a fun and profound exploration of consciousness, and how break-ups can happen sans drama & trauma and actually reveal incredible blessings.

You can visit her website at www.gailelynn.com

She can also be reached via email at gratefulgaile@gmail.com

Show Notes:

6:43 – Persevering through challenges.

8:07 – Being aware and observing the little brain while feeling it out.

9:35 – Relaxing into resistances. Lessons learned from her mom.

10:58 – The Iceman. How did her mom know these insights?

12:08 – Her journey from 8 Mile Detroit to the Big Island of Hawaii. Mana Energy.

13:59 – Catching herself going unconscious to the moment. How we all go into spooky autopilot mode during the day. Having a dialogue with our self simultaneously while dialoguing with others.

15:21 – The Matrix – We can’t see the water we’re swimming in. Choosing new actions rather than being reactive.

17:19 – Telepathy phenomenon. Fish talk. Surprise guests. Thought-sending experiment and stage play acting with coffee shop barista.

21:11 – Potent example of FLOW and Magic.

25:14 – Gaile going gangsta rapper. Adding new vocabulary to your repertoire. The joy of discovery.

26:51 – Recognition of subtle clues, cues and nuances of body language and energies. Becoming more aware during altered states of consciousness. Microdosing and other examples to consciously alter your brain states.

30:21 – Funny how the solutions are always in front of our eyes but we can’t see them??

31:03 – Is struggle really necessary? Putting forth the effort to overcome hard-wired habits and reinforced neuro-patterns.

31:57 – The Healing Aspect of Flow. Supportive environment and tribe for learning, growth and health.

33:02 – Passing of her brother. Change in energetic form. Loving deeper and more passionately.

35:01 – Pressure creates diamonds. Experiencing our humanness. Devotion to “feeling the burn” of unpleasant body sensations until it “loses its grip”. No longer being hijacked by the little brain.

37:22 – No techniques, tools, guru, philosophy – only the willingness to feel and see.

40:57 – Gaile’s big flow moment. Boyfriend breaks up with her. Thought she had abandonment issues addressed already from the past work.

44:33 – Michelangelo and David. Being in perpetual despair.

47:35 – When flow kicked in and the heartbreak broke her open.

48:38 – Freedom from suffering. Non-resistance. Alchemy. Becoming Grateful Gaile – Thank You For Breaking Up With Me

53:53 – Not adding more information to the intellect. Accessing deeper wisdom and shifting perspective.

54:52 – Vulnerability. Putting ourselves out there. Sharing message of self-healing and transformation. You’re not alone. There are other raw and real, goofy and deep people out there, too!

56:20 – Catharsis and expressing your soul, your art.

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24 Jan Flow Real TV Episode #7 – Constanza – Fire & Grace

Constanza Palavecino is a talented singer, dancer, actress and model, originally from Chile, South America.

Rare is to find such a combination of skills in one person. Rarer is to find an artist willing to put in the work to become better. Even rarer is an artist that can maintain grace despite obstacles and resistances encountered throughout the journey.

Constanza radiates those qualities with confidence and beauty. In the couple times we’ve hung out, I only felt pure authenticity and humility emanating from her – qualities often lacking in the entertainment industry.

Impressive is her fiery and graceful perseverance to achieve her dreams. Her latest music video and single, “Feelin’ Like It’s Hot”, will be released January 8th, 2016.

Show Notes:

0:04 – Tone returns from a two month hiatus and gets vulnerable on why he disappeared during that time. He also gives a little preview on Constanza’s short and sweet interview.

6:00 – Raw and Real Intro. Plan B and Improvising.

8:09 – Her Journey from Chile & when her performing career started. Her curiosity led her to recording editing video and music the “old school” way back in the nineties.

9:40 – As long as she could remember, she always wanted to be an actress and little later, as a performer. The first public reaction to her work blew her mind and gave her confidence that she can touch people with her art.

10:42 – Her uncle passed away when she was 15 and she was asked by her mom to sing at his funeral. Was a shower singer and sang just for fun prior to that. Her only training at that point was singing in church while attending an all-girl catholic school.

13:30 – Received her first voice lessons. She had to choose between being an actress or being a singer at that time in Chile. While in music school in New York, she realized that something was missing.

15:26 – Was at a disadvantage starting music school so late compared to other kids that grew up in musical theatre. Overcame that challenge by fully immersing herself during that two-year conservatory education while barely sleeping. Love and passion gave her the devotional drive herself to learn rapidly.

17:10 – She had to take accent-reduction classes while in music school even though she knew English. Her insane work ethic came out of this period as she was extremely grateful for the opportunity, being that school was expensive and she felt lucky to be studying in the USA. She continues to hone her craft everyday.

18:20 – Talking about her flow state experiences. Getting in the Zone. Timeless, observer state as a performer. Flow amplification performing in front of crowds. Her own process of observing and listening to herself while studying and rehearsing. How we think we sound funny on recordings. This process is different when you’re in the moment of performing.

20:28 – The magical moments where time freezes after all the previous training and rehearsing have been put in. Oddly, she actually get nervous after a performance rather than the typical butterfly anxieties most people feel before a performance.

23:03 – Had many peak flow experiences during rehearsals, not necessarily during the performance. She in love with it all, the pre-, the actual and -post performances.

24:15 – Perfect Synchronicity and Signs of the Universe. Being aware enough to see and feel signs. Paying attention. Manifestation.

Constanza’s website and new single can be found here:


Get my FREE book and flow course here: http://tonefloreal.com

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