9/11 Remembrance

15 Jun 9/11 Remembrance

The literal signs had guided me to the 9/11 memorial at Boston’s Logan Airport, the Meditation/Chapel room in Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and onto Ground Zero in New York City.

To return to the World Trade Center site and actually seeing it gone was a reality check. I had seen and touched both towers from ground level almost 12 years ago.

Now, there was nothing but blue sky, clouds, sunshine and angels beaming down onto this rare open spot of Manhattan. Life busily goes on as the New Yorkers & the World continue to move forward with courage, strength and forgiveness, never forgetting that fateful day.

To see the rebuilding and the plans for One World Trade Center was inspirational and testimony that the Phoenix does indeed rise from the ashes. The surrounding memorial site will be just as beautiful, and a reminder that we should not take life for granted and always stand united for Truth and Peace, even within ourselves.

In Memory of All Those Who Lost Their Lives On September 11, 2001…