As a toddler, I was in total awe of my surroundings, evident in simple things as the warm sunlight through my closed eyelids, rustling of the leaves, and the gentle breeze on my skin. As I grew up, the innocence was replaced by conditioning, beliefs that separated me from my truest essence. Most of my life was spent hearing-impaired, seeking approval, conforming and worrying with fear. I got so “caught up” in the waves of my thoughts – the chaotic drama in my head – that I stopped being connected to my authentic self. My ego began to dominate.


Growing up however, I had experienced many Flow or Zone moments. These peak experiences opened me up to possibilities and inquiries, naturally leading me on a scientific and spiritual journey. Perplexed, I asked, “How can I remain in that profound awestruck state all the time?!” I had spent my whole life searching for ultimate happiness, so-called “enlightenment.”


ok_redboltWhile living in the South Pacific on the tiny tropical island of Guam, having reached the ultimate in suffering and loneliness, the rock-bottom point of my life at the age of 26, I experienced a Wholy Shift!, a radical transformation in consciousness as if being zap by a lightning bolt. In my mind, it all became crystal clear like some kind of epiphany.



WHOLY-SHIFTThat satori moment changed my life – “everything looked new again, glowy, complete.” I felt Whole and One. High on Life. I realized that the miracles had always been all around me, within and without, everywhere. This forever changed the way I looked at this world. Although that high awakened state didn’t last, it left a indelible impression of aliveness, creativity and peace that cannot be forgotten.




Life has since become a process of accessing this state, making it deeper, richer, more permanent and real.  FLOW has become my guiding focal point for coaching others who are ready to amplify their greatest selves & performance in any endeavor they choose to play in. By learning new strategies and distinctions from the areas of neurosciences, psychology, physiology and philosophy, you will awaken to a greater dimension of reality.


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