26 Mar Flow Performance Academy Q & A March 17, 2015

Flow Performance Academy Q & A Call Notes ~ March 17, 2015

w/ Steve Engle

1. What Distinction or Message do you want to get across, in addition to that being made by the Flow Genome Project?

Practical, Motivation and Inspiration. Leading by example.

B. Micro-chunks, break it down

C. Flow Reality Show ~ Document the process, objective, clear goals, flow cycle

D. Distinction ~ Real world evidence in action using the skin of research of FGP and other flow research

2. How group flow happen between you, Kevin and I?

Common language ~ we’re all the same page, instantaneous rapport, prior history, FHN FB community, we’re flow practitioners

B. Some people don’t have the same language even though they experienced flow…just have to be reminded, perhaps using their language.

C. Connection with world and community ~ Why we do flow, flow impact in our lives, sharing, happiness, fulfillment

D. We’re equal playing field ~ riff, rhyme and reason

E. Steve ~ interest level, language, creative mode rather than analytic mode, playing the basketball ~ share the ball, create a team, even when we disagreed – mild oblique, still search something additive, keep momentum, the ball is not stuck to one person. every body has a chance, give up the ball and move it around, analogy, lack of criticism, so freeing, turns off the critical voice in ourselves, critical voice on group and another person. this kinda rules, increase the momentum…another thing ~ interesting ideas, fun words, natural joy from brand-new, empower to go to the next person

F. sense of play, safe environment, no domination or hog the spotlight, sharing environment. Corporation don’t allow play traditional, Google example ~ new company and creativity, brain storm and group,

G. people could show there true colors, true curiosity to be interested in the other person, be ready to listen. Really healing for the other person, be very present in that person, open to learning and hearing the other person, really empowers them to say what they really want to say. You’re willing to be there, fully mindful
H. my history ~ hearing impaired, not an impediment, forced to listen, mom was present ~ mentor, coaches and teachers ~ i personal excelled in those caring environment

I. “tough skin” ~ exposure is beneficial as well

3. We want to attract those who want to open environment, come out of flow closet,

4. Running ~ two types of flow 1. disappear 2. fully present, nothing hurts, ongoing memory

A. my reply ~ unconscious flow, writing the book, while driving automatic, bizarre
science ~ different gradients of flow

B. second kind of flow ~ different shades, signature
light of what we study ~ different events, executive function going away, parts that disappear , different kinds of things, no descriptions, the flow genome project FGP trying to decode
the meditation -~ lose the EGO, the Big SELF, Pure awareness. 2. Active engagement, no loss of the self, personage,
similar. research subjective outcomes ~ distinctions

5. Flow Elements of SuperStates ~ enjoyment and practical

Flow Genesis ~ skin on top of Flow Elements ~ application, step by step, productivity

Discount ~ part FPA community, build out the system enable people to accomplish
Powerful when other people see other people achieving together
Whims of to tame the wild stallion mind

C. Steven Kotler ~ Ski and maximize that
Pragmatic~ implementation
3 best way I get into flow, how do I get into that and often, practical

D. Getting more getting more flow, learn fast, pick up new skills and achieve goals
show people by real examples

E. experience in learning, shunted for some reason,
implementation, taking action on the information

6. Open to the feedback of others to create an amazing program; Flow Storming

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09 Mar Cryotherapy Flow Hack ~ Cold Thermogenesis

Cryotherapy Flow Hack ~ Cold Thermogenesis (Liquid Nitrogen Chamber) at CryoHealthcare in Los Angeles. The only fully enclosed cryo-chamber in North America. Here’s a great article by Ben Greenfield on the benefits of cold thermogenesis, including burning more fat.

Temperature: -175 F to -250 F

3 days consecutive (March 6, 7, 8)

Duration and 2 sets of cold exposure:

Day 1: 1min30sec & 1min45sec
Day 2: 2min15sec & 2min30sec
Day3: 2min45sec & 3min maximum

Before Cryotherapy, skin temperature was around 84 F. After 1st exposure, skin temperature was around 54 F. Then, 5-10 min warm-up on elliptical machine between cold exposure to raise body and skin temperature. After that, back in the cryo chamber for 2nd exposure resulting in skin temperature of 42 F. Each resulting day, the final skin temperature would rise. The last cryo exposure on the 3rd day resulted in a skin temperature of 47 F, a five degree increase from the last exposure (42 F) on the first day.

Subjective Experiences:

1. Although I’m a great sleeper, I noticed an even deeper restful sleep.

2. Weird phenomenon of feeling like neurogenesis/neuroplasticity was occurring in the brain. Hard to explain the feeling.

3. Shift in normal morning moodiness. Felt more engaged upon waking.

4. Had phase two of a large tattoo worked on a day prior to the cryotherapy. Normal inflammation, swelling and redness significantly reduced as result of the cold thermogenesis. Even the after-itch was significantly reduced.

5. Felt highly triggered and susceptible to flow, creativity and lateral connection during those three days of cryo exposure.

6. This version of cryotherapy (flash freeze) was way more tolerable than doing traditional ice baths/cold showers/cold streams. The duration of 1min30sec-3mins made this more manageable and highly convenient. Seem like pareto efficiency in effect 80/20 rule.

7. The endorphin after-feeling was quite addictive. I would easily to this version of cryotherapy every day. I’m considering the unlimited monthly membership of two cold exposures/day.

8. I felt super alert and awake after each treatment. I would prefer doing this therapy as a stimulant vs. coffee/other stimulants to shift any lower-energy mood.

The recommended dose is to start at a one minute and a half and build up 10 secs at a time. I convinced the staff to let me go more aggressive, which I was able to go the maximum allowed duration of 3 minutes on my last cryo exposure by the third day. I definitely really felt the methol-type coolness on my skin as i heated up in the LA sun after walking out after the last exposure. The feeling was that I might have pushed the adaptation envelope too fast. Although I didn’t feel any ill effects a day later – suggesting that i fully recovered – my recommendation is to go more conservative and build up to 3 mins in over a week’s time.

Personally, I didn’t notice any downsides to doing this type of recovery. I love how convenient it was to create a rapid immune, hormonal, and blood flow response and recovery. I could see many flow applications to using this type of cryo stimulus for learning, mood boost, and body healing.

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01 Mar Roscoe’s First Electro-Proscope Session

Nearly 14 years young 😉 Roscoe receives his first ever spinal and hip microcurrent session to alleviate any age-releated soreness and stiffness.

After his therapy, he plays with his neighborhood doggie buddy, nicknamed “Scrappy.”

To learn more about this amazing painless, non-drug technology for animals and humans, give me a shout here.

On Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 @ 4pm, Flow Performance Academy is releasing its inaugural course on Flow Elements of SuperStates ~ 10 Simple Strategies for Bending Time, Learning Fast and Feeling Superhuman. The course is FREE!! Sign up fast before space runs out! Click the link

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27 Feb Flow Performance Academy

Flow Performance Academy breaks ground with its first ever online course on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 @4pm PST! 

Originally, I was going to charge for this BETA course. However, I believe that every person on this planet should have their basic survival needs covered. Because the course contains strategies found in nature, I am offering this first course for FREE. Click on the link below to sign up before the course fills up FAST. 

The complimentary inaugural webinar will feature Flow Elements of SuperStates ~ 10 Simple Strategies for Bending Time, Learning Fast and Feeling Superhuman

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06 Jan It’s S.A.D. Vitamin D or Die (this is NOT a scare tactic)

seasonal-affective-disorder-depressionSeasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) is a REAL thing!!  Check out this Boston Globe Article reporting groundbreaking research on the importance of Vitamin D and Brain Function.  Lack of Vitamin D leads to impulsiveness, aggression, anger, unhappiness and the shutdown of long-term decision making.

What helps? Getting SUNLIGHT and eating foods that is rich in Vitamin D like fatty fish, cheese, egg yolks and beef liver (Google “Vitamin D rich foods” if none of those mentioned are appetizing to you).  Supplementation is inconclusive according to researchers. However, most agree that there’s a correlation between low body levels of Vitamin D and mood disorders. 

Back in 2007, I moved up to Canada from the U.S. for love. It wasn’t the first time I moved somewhere for romance – Guam being one of them!

Moving to Vancouver, British Columbia meant that I would experience my first legitimate winter, which was pretty non-existent growing up and living in California.  The plan would be to go to Whistler and snowboard, join an ice hockey league, drink STRANGE BREW and smash into things.  Ironically, I did none of those things while living in the Great White North.  I did hike in the snow with the dogs and ice skate at the local rink but mostly I shoveled the driveway and hung out indoors, staying warm. Talk about getting CABIN FEVER!!! As far as I know, Cabin Fever is not an official medical diagnosis, YET! LOL!

After the first couple of fun winters, the novelty wore off and I GOT S.A.D.!  I seriously thought that Seasonal Affective Disorder was a joke UNTIL it happened to me.  The closest similar experience I had to this low-grade depression was growing up in the fog of San Francisco.  Now, I never got diagnosed with S.A.D. as I’m not a big fan of seeing doctors unless it’s an emergency or for getting a checkup.  But MAN, did I have the WINTER BLUES!  (DISCLAIMER: IF YOU HAVE SERIOUS MOOD FLUCTUATIONS THAT ARE NOT SUN, SLEEP, EXERCISE, AND/OR NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES, GO GET GENETIC TESTING FROM YOUR DOCTOR.)

IMG_2640So, what was the “cure?” MOVING TO HAWAII. It was there that I realized that I NEED THE SUN. I also experimented with eating a higher healthy fat diet (contrary to the USDA Food Pyramid Guidelines) having discovered Bulletproof Coffee before leaving Canada. Bulletproof coffee is a whole ‘nother enchilada?! It has its upsides & downsides.

(Update: Even living in Hawaii during the winter isn’t going to help restore Vitamin D deficiency as my friend, Jess, alluded to after reading this post. She gets up at the crack of dawn, works at a hospital all day and finishes at dusk. At lunchtime, she is usually running errands?! She has a self-made diagnosis – Work Affective Disorder. LOL!).

The point is: Instinctively, I always knew I needed the sun and a higher healthy fat diet (NOTICE I DIDN’T SAY JUNK FAT!) but I believed that I was immune to the forces of nature.  Ha!  Mother Nature always has the last laugh.  For all of my peeps in not-so-sunny-parts of the world, get out WHENEVER THE SUN IS OUT!  

Years ago, my Canadian buddy Lucas who lives on the Northwest Coast (where there is the least amount of sun in the winter) quit his jobs and became a freelancer just so he could drop work whenever he needed to stand under the big fiery globe!! He starts upping his vitamin D even before winter comes so that he has a good foundation before the darkness sets in.

So there you have it…up on your Vitamin D before winter comes!!  Although Vitamin D supplementation is inconclusive, consider taking Vitamin D supplements during the winter.  Experiment with a small dose and build from there to see if you have a sunnier disposition. Be careful not to take toxic dosages!!  Do your best to get most of your Vitamin D from natural non-synthetic sources as possible. Check out this Vitamin D Sweetspot Video!

There are so many fad diets out there?? WTF!!!  We’re getting closer to the days of cheap genetic testing where with a swab inside of our cheek or a simple blood test; we’ll know what our genetic predispositions are and what our bodies actually need or do NOT need.  Supplementation is hit or miss if you are not testing for your deficiencies. In the near future, I will actually get my body tested so I can optimize my health. If you’re interested too, email me at  

Meanwhile, GO OUTSIDE and catch some RAYS. We all know we feel good when we’re basking in the Sun. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this. BUT USE COMMON SENSE!! Too much sun is bad; too little sun is bad. Find the optimal amount right for you. 


Great Video on the Vitamin D Sweetspot and it’s Relationship to Aging

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02 Jan 2015: The Year of No Excuses (What Would Bruce Lee Do?)

Bruce-LeeBruce Lee is one of my boyish idols. I’ll get back to him in a sec…

So, on this second day into 2015, I found myself bussing around Los Angeles taking care of errands (At this point – You’re all probably laughing that I’m riding around LA on a bus. You’d be surprised how good the metro is here?!!). 

The day had me so busy that I could have skipped out on a workout. Being that we’re all riding the energy of New Year’s clean slate, I refused to give in to the little devil on my one shoulder, whispering into my ear, “It’s Friday night. Just chill out and workout, mañana.”

Instead, mini-Bruce Lee (just like from the classic Lipton Brisk Iced Tea claymation commercial with the Karate Kid & Mr. Miyagi) appears on my opposite shoulder in his “Waaaaiiiiiiiiyaaaaaaa” kick-ass voice and tells me to “pick up the broom and sweep.” Next thing I know, I’m busting out the Secretly-Practiced Oriental Peasant Martial Art Workout Moves using just a broom and a pull-up bar. In fifteen short minutes, I was able to sweep the entire apartment floor while getting a quick workout in. Simultaneously, I received a creative spark that led me to write my first blog post of 2015.

 Here’s my “Sweep the Floor” Workout:

IMG_26051. 10-minutes Warm-up ~ Sweep Floor while humming “Eye of the Tiger” (I hum because I can’t sing a damn!)

2. 25 Broom Overhead Squats 

3. 15 Split Squats holding the broom on the opposite hand from the lead leg.

4. 25 Push-ups

5. 30-second Plank

6. 2 Pull-ups

For some of you, this is a pathetic workout since you’re already SO BUFFED. And if you’re laughing at me, I’m gonna send Bruce, himself, over to kick yo’ bitch-ass!

 I’m writing this for the people that made excuses their entire life but deep down they really want to change.

Listen, if that person is you, let this post inspire a fire within you. Start small and build each day. Everyday, just add a little more pushups, a couple more squats, a few more sit-ups, run a little farther. You’d be surprised the person you’ll become if you never, ever give up.

My one friend, Michael, set a 30-day challenge goal to run everyday and post a picture of his run on Facebook to stay accountable to his community. He’s on Day 24 as I write this! Go Michael!

As I told another friend, Joyce, who decided to positively change her life this year, “Fall off the horse, just hop back on…and keep ridin’. Yeehaaaawwww!!” Go Joyce!

Make 2015, The Year of No Excuses!!! I believe in you! I know you can do it! Now, go kick some serious booty!





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21 Oct da Wholy Flip!!!

Authentically Embracing the “ego” with Humor, Love & da Real.


Be in control of your own destiny and take MATTER into your own HANDS like I do in the following video…


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