Cryotherapy Flow Hack ~ Cold Thermogenesis

09 Mar Cryotherapy Flow Hack ~ Cold Thermogenesis

Cryotherapy Flow Hack ~ Cold Thermogenesis (Liquid Nitrogen Chamber) at CryoHealthcare in Los Angeles. The only fully enclosed cryo-chamber in North America. Here’s a great article by Ben Greenfield on the benefits of cold thermogenesis, including burning more fat.

Temperature: -175 F to -250 F

3 days consecutive (March 6, 7, 8)

Duration and 2 sets of cold exposure:

Day 1: 1min30sec & 1min45sec
Day 2: 2min15sec & 2min30sec
Day3: 2min45sec & 3min maximum

Before Cryotherapy, skin temperature was around 84 F. After 1st exposure, skin temperature was around 54 F. Then, 5-10 min warm-up on elliptical machine between cold exposure to raise body and skin temperature. After that, back in the cryo chamber for 2nd exposure resulting in skin temperature of 42 F. Each resulting day, the final skin temperature would rise. The last cryo exposure on the 3rd day resulted in a skin temperature of 47 F, a five degree increase from the last exposure (42 F) on the first day.

Subjective Experiences:

1. Although I’m a great sleeper, I noticed an even deeper restful sleep.

2. Weird phenomenon of feeling like neurogenesis/neuroplasticity was occurring in the brain. Hard to explain the feeling.

3. Shift in normal morning moodiness. Felt more engaged upon waking.

4. Had phase two of a large tattoo worked on a day prior to the cryotherapy. Normal inflammation, swelling and redness significantly reduced as result of the cold thermogenesis. Even the after-itch was significantly reduced.

5. Felt highly triggered and susceptible to flow, creativity and lateral connection during those three days of cryo exposure.

6. This version of cryotherapy (flash freeze) was way more tolerable than doing traditional ice baths/cold showers/cold streams. The duration of 1min30sec-3mins made this more manageable and highly convenient. Seem like pareto efficiency in effect 80/20 rule.

7. The endorphin after-feeling was quite addictive. I would easily to this version of cryotherapy every day. I’m considering the unlimited monthly membership of two cold exposures/day.

8. I felt super alert and awake after each treatment. I would prefer doing this therapy as a stimulant vs. coffee/other stimulants to shift any lower-energy mood.

The recommended dose is to start at a one minute and a half and build up 10 secs at a time. I convinced the staff to let me go more aggressive, which I was able to go the maximum allowed duration of 3 minutes on my last cryo exposure by the third day. I definitely really felt the methol-type coolness on my skin as i heated up in the LA sun after walking out after the last exposure. The feeling was that I might have pushed the adaptation envelope too fast. Although I didn’t feel any ill effects a day later – suggesting that i fully recovered – my recommendation is to go more conservative and build up to 3 mins in over a week’s time.

Personally, I didn’t notice any downsides to doing this type of recovery. I love how convenient it was to create a rapid immune, hormonal, and blood flow response and recovery. I could see many flow applications to using this type of cryo stimulus for learning, mood boost, and body healing.