Rice-A-Toni…A San Francisco Treat!

17 Mar Rice-A-Toni…A San Francisco Treat!

A quick hello from AT&T Park in San Francisco, California, one of my stops during last week’s travels.

The other place visited was Houston, Texas to see my Guam family and to meet another Internet Marketer who’s an amazing expert on Customer Service near the Houston Astros’ Minute Maid Park (I like meeting people at popular landmarks so that I don’t get lost?!).

Her name is Melissa Curry and she has written two great e-books, Customer Service…it’s NOT for Sissies & To the Water Cooler and Beyond. Melissa shares some incredible wisdom and insights on serving others that will, not only benefit any business, but more importantly, build more trusting relationships, create a strong unbreakable reputation, and generate more Passion for Life. 🙂

Go see her at: http://www.iwi-iwi.com/home.html