da Big I of HI – W.S?! Glow w/ da Flow Show

21 Oct da Big I of HI – W.S?! Glow w/ da Flow Show

Ever wonder why certain people come into your life serendipitously to bring about a Wholy Shift! of healing or inspiration. Well, Dr. Rob Rostau is one of those shiny examples. Watch this 5th episode of W.S?! GwdF Show as I interview Dr. Rob at his chiropractic practice near Parker Ranch of Waimea, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

  • Hear Dr. Rob speak about his perspective on da Flow & da Glow.
  • Watch him describe what to pay attention to and how to know where to flow.
  • Rob explains how da Flow guided him into his healing profession as everything started to click into place.
  • He recalls a childhood memory of his first “indescribable” direct experience as a peaceful, loving presence of Grace.
  • Listen how his car “accident” brought about the awakening Wholy Shift! within
  • and much, much more…
  • PART 1:

    PART 2: