Dolphin Living Love

02 Jun Dolphin Living Love

We all heard the proverbial cliche, “Do what you love, love what you do.” Sounds easy, right. So, why is it that the majority of people aren’t living this way? Some say because you can’t make money operating from this orientation. While others don’t have the patience because of the instant gratification of needing things NOW. They will lower their standards and break integrity using the force of persuasion, seduction and glamor to make the quick buck.

Contrast that with the powerful activating attractive quality of preparing food with love or experiencing the loving bedside manner of a compassionate doctor. These are deep emotions that are touching and nurturing. It’s healing not just the person who receive, but also to the one who gives. Both feels Whole ‘n’ One. 😉

Recently, I’ve met with two amazing internet marketers who are living, loving, & healing examples of this heart-based model –  Krista Abbott and Jennifer Hart. Here’s a Facebook picture of our recent St. Augustine meeting. We held space for an amazing mastermind blog radio conversation about The Heart of Authentic Marketing and Life.

We have created an internet marketing alliance of heart-centered marketers, called the Sol Syndication Tribe, who offer real value that enable client purchasing initiatives rather than customer manipulation that hook them into buying products and services.

The following video demonstrates fluid living examples of a marketing model that attracts and generate traffic through the essence of Lovingness that gives meaning to people’s lives.