Sedona Veritas

02 Jul Sedona Veritas

Being in the presence of an enlightened teacher is inexplicable. Words cannot adequately explain this transcendent experience. I highly suggest you find out for yourself. 😉

Although it was my third time seeing Dr. David Hawkins speak, it was the first time I personally asked him a question. The prior two events, I was five people away from the stage when they decided to conclude the event. Aw Shucks! Third time’s a charm, right?

The funny thing is that since the reintroduction of Hawkins’ spiritual work in my life last year, whatever questions I did have about life would spontaneously be answered on their own.

Speaking to a lady I met at the June 9, 2010 satsang event near Sedona, I told her my dilemma. She told me that she would hold it in her silent intention that I would ask a question that would benefit the entire audience.

So, my opportunity finally arose to step on the stage and instantly, I was transported into da Zone. It felt like I was floating toward the table where he was sitting like little Yoda with his wife, Susan. I walked toward the table oblivious of the audience, fixed upon his unwavering unconditional loving eyes. I glanced down briefly but the pull of his loving eyes were so magnetic. As I sat down, I realized the questions I had in mind were lost as it went blank and I giggled in the Presence.

With the camera rolling, the anticipation of audience on the left and a brief pause, a question slowly arose from the depth of my heart and blossomed through the mic. The question was: “Being a former athlete, I had experienced the Zone numerous times where everything was unfolding effortlessly on its own. Would you say that enlightenment is a permanent state of the Zone?”

Dr. Hawkins’ response: “Ah yes, they have their similarities. Um hmm. (pause)…When I was a young man working at a factory during World War II, I lifted heavy wooden crates for hours, um hmm…All the sudden, the crates felt like feathers?! I observed myself performing the act all on its own as I worked tirelessly without fatigue.”

I sat across from him transfixed with awe of the rainbow twinkles radiating from his eyes. We sat in momentary silence – what felt like the infinite peace of eternity – although only a few seconds had elapsed. We nodded to each other as I thank him and his wife.

As I was exiting the stage, Doc Hawk asked the audience if they had experienced such a state in their lives. Almost the entire audience had raised their hands. During the intermission, while speaking to the lady that held the intention for me, a gentleman asked me what sport I played. I told him that I played ice hockey and surfed mainly. He thanked me for asking the question because he, too, had experienced the Zone but never made the connection to enlightenment until then. He was looking forward to experiencing more of this Flow of Grace in the future. I’m sure he was speaking for all of us. 🙂

May humanity become anchored in the autonomous Joy, Peace and Wholeness that we already are, more frequently and eventually, permanently in this lifetime. Amen.