Flow Performance Academy Q & A March 17, 2015

26 Mar Flow Performance Academy Q & A March 17, 2015

Flow Performance Academy Q & A Call Notes ~ March 17, 2015

w/ Steve Engle

1. What Distinction or Message do you want to get across, in addition to that being made by the Flow Genome Project?

Practical, Motivation and Inspiration. Leading by example.

B. Micro-chunks, break it down

C. Flow Reality Show ~ Document the process, objective, clear goals, flow cycle

D. Distinction ~ Real world evidence in action using the skin of research of FGP and other flow research

2. How group flow happen between you, Kevin and I?

Common language ~ we’re all the same page, instantaneous rapport, prior history, FHN FB community, we’re flow practitioners

B. Some people don’t have the same language even though they experienced flow…just have to be reminded, perhaps using their language.

C. Connection with world and community ~ Why we do flow, flow impact in our lives, sharing, happiness, fulfillment

D. We’re equal playing field ~ riff, rhyme and reason

E. Steve ~ interest level, language, creative mode rather than analytic mode, playing the basketball ~ share the ball, create a team, even when we disagreed – mild oblique, still search something additive, keep momentum, the ball is not stuck to one person. every body has a chance, give up the ball and move it around, analogy, lack of criticism, so freeing, turns off the critical voice in ourselves, critical voice on group and another person. this kinda rules, increase the momentum…another thing ~ interesting ideas, fun words, natural joy from brand-new, empower to go to the next person

F. sense of play, safe environment, no domination or hog the spotlight, sharing environment. Corporation don’t allow play traditional, Google example ~ new company and creativity, brain storm and group,

G. people could show there true colors, true curiosity to be interested in the other person, be ready to listen. Really healing for the other person, be very present in that person, open to learning and hearing the other person, really empowers them to say what they really want to say. You’re willing to be there, fully mindful
H. my history ~ hearing impaired, not an impediment, forced to listen, mom was present ~ mentor, coaches and teachers ~ i personal excelled in those caring environment

I. “tough skin” ~ exposure is beneficial as well

3. We want to attract those who want to open environment, come out of flow closet,

4. Running ~ two types of flow 1. disappear 2. fully present, nothing hurts, ongoing memory

A. my reply ~ unconscious flow, writing the book, while driving automatic, bizarre
science ~ different gradients of flow

B. second kind of flow ~ different shades, signature
light of what we study ~ different events, executive function going away, parts that disappear , different kinds of things, no descriptions, the flow genome project FGP trying to decode
the meditation -~ lose the EGO, the Big SELF, Pure awareness. 2. Active engagement, no loss of the self, personage,
similar. research subjective outcomes ~ distinctions

5. Flow Elements of SuperStates ~ enjoyment and practical

Flow Genesis ~ skin on top of Flow Elements ~ application, step by step, productivity

Discount ~ part FPA community, build out the system enable people to accomplish
Powerful when other people see other people achieving together
Whims of to tame the wild stallion mind

C. Steven Kotler ~ Ski and maximize that
Pragmatic~ implementation
3 best way I get into flow, how do I get into that and often, practical

D. Getting more getting more flow, learn fast, pick up new skills and achieve goals
show people by real examples

E. experience in learning, shunted for some reason,
implementation, taking action on the information

6. Open to the feedback of others to create an amazing program; Flow Storming