Flow Real TV Episode #1 – Bad Boy In A Good Way – Vince “The Odd Fella” Cucolichio

10 Sep Flow Real TV Episode #1 – Bad Boy In A Good Way – Vince “The Odd Fella” Cucolichio

Vincent “The Odd Fella” Cucolichio – Bad Boy In A Good Way

Vinnie has always been a non-conformist his entire life of 85 years – always questioning everything.

He shares stories of his upbringing in San Francisco while going through the 1930s Depression with his immigrant Italian family.

Always a troublemaker, he manages to maintain his non-conformity despite the military’s attempt to indoctrinate him. Follow along as Mr. Cucolichio tells incredible and funny stories about his early life, and his 18 months tour of duty on Guam, a small island in the South Pacific.

Show Notes:

2:19 – He was born during the 1930s Depression.

5:32 – Why he is not religious.

15:00 – Found out why his father wasn’t religious either.

17:35 – Being a non-conformist and why he loves to travel.

23:15 – Didn’t enjoy high school. He couldn’t understand the point. Graduated despite being a troublemaker.

28:10 – Why he really joined the Navy.

29:02 – Discovering what he really loved to do.

37:30 – Getting seduced by a carnival gypsy.

39:30 – Enrolling into the Navy and going through Boot Camp indoctrination.

42:31 – Grown men crying for mommy and peeing their beds.

44:22 – Overseas 18 month duty on Guam and going through a typhoon (Tone Floreal had similar experiences on Guam in 2003).

47:34 – It’s a small world?!! – Synchronicity (Flow Moments). Military Meticulousness.

55:11 – His pirate dream came true. Bucking the system.

56:17 – Was more worried contracting possible venereal diseases than being in hairy war situations. It’s a small world AGAIN when he sees an old friend in Life Magazine.