Flow Real TV Episode #2 – Brian Rose of London Real – Escaping the Alcatraz Mind

20 Sep Flow Real TV Episode #2 – Brian Rose of London Real – Escaping the Alcatraz Mind

Brian Rose of London Real – Escaping The Alcatraz Mind

A former banker and trader, Brian Rose started London Real TV from his flat in the Shoreditch district of London with just a couple of webcams four years ago. Millions of views and many incredible guests later, he has a TED talk under his belt  – and he created a new learning academy for people who want to build their best self.

Though a series of hurdles, synchronicity and flow, Tone Floreal manages to land Mr. Rose on the second episode of Flow Real TV…

Show Notes:

1:31 – “Talking Story” Quote from Marie-Rose Phan-Le

2:27 Extending the Hawaiian Spirit of Talking Story to Mr. Brian Rose

3:46 – Going back to Cali. “It’s not the where you go but the who you see.”

5:42 – Getting a Perspective on Life. Being humbled by Giant Sequoias and Half Dome in Yosemite.

6:42 – Monkey Mind

7:15 – London Real Academy SF Focus Group. Alcatraz – becoming a prisoner of our own mind. Supermom.

10:11 – Were there consequences of coming out of the psychedelic closet?

12:45 – Being public about the Psychedelic use was perhaps his USP/IP. Mention: @DanPena, @JoeRogan

13:09 Being Vulnerable. Screwing up in life. Mention: @JamesAltucher

14:21 – Starting London Real was therapeutic for Brian – listening to other people’s stories and being around the guests. The need to broadcast himself.

15:55 – How did Jujitsu and doing interviews help in learning to feel people’s energy? Mention: @EddieBravo

18:44 – How did Jujitsu transfer over to London Real? Flow States and being Present. Mention: @DaveAsprey

20:09 – Were there some guest who were not congruent with their message off-camera?

21:39 – What is the most profound Flow State you remember where you felt superhuman? Mention @PeterSage

23:05 – Being in flow with @PeterSage during a London Real episode

24:16 – The higher the risk, the greater the flow potential.

25:31 – Mention @DorianYates – Let’s talk from the Heart.

26:04 – People care more about the story and interaction than the production value

26:23 – Setting up conditions for Flow. Mention @NeilStrauss. Preparing, then letting go.

27:38 Flow moment (Floment). Perfectionism can kill flow states

28:38 – Tone Floreal’s story on how he met Brian Rose through Flow.
Mention @JoeRogan, @TaiLopez – “Knowing flow, I waited for the opening.”

32:03 – London Real Academy – [Edit Error – “…do camera setup and you’re actually releasing a show on “How to Broadcast” like in a few days from now.”

32:21 – Focus Group opportunity in London. Making the leap. Encountering Resistance on the way there from Hawaii.

33:06 – Community manager @NoorahNaker tells Brian that Tone Floreal was flying all the way from Hawaii. Timing is everything. Ripening Process.

35:08 – Yin/Yang of Flow

36:04 – Do both: Doing the hard work and letting things happen. The Art of Flow in the moment. Discovering the Mystery through our own journey.

37:43 – Flow during conversation and during London Real taping

38:18 – Don’t realize flow until after the fact. Feedback loops.

39:34 – Differences and similarities of various kinds of flow states

40:17 – London Real Focus Group Flow. Being truly human. Inauthentic to be positive all the time. Mention @IdoPortal – Dogma and Expecting hard times in life

44:29 – The Breakdown leads to the Breakthrough

45:48 – Feedback about the London Real Academy Culture

47:21 – The only metrics he focuses on is being super humble and being excited about the LR Academy. Keep the spirit going.

48:21 – Brian primed the REAL movement through the London Real Show. The hard-core London Realers that bleed London Real and want to become better.

50:59 – Brian Rose is changing and growing. Mention @MatthewMyro

51:35 – Matchmaking site, Facilitating connections with members around the world. Used to look at metrics on number of views and subscriptions. London Real Team Mention @JulianBailes, @DreDomenichini @LuisSolarat

52:52 – Humility to listen to the feedback of your peeps

53:36 – Flow Time Warp – Truly Living. Going to bed with a stinky grin. Mention @PhilipMcKernan, @MarianaAleksieva, @DanPena

55:00 – Constructive Criticism is valuable

56:46 – Taking the lumps from the internet feedback.

57:27 – Mention @RobertGreene, Blind spots are gateways to flow

58:10 – How do you know who to listen to? Mention @SiliconReal, Listen to your customers while still holding true to the your vision. So many modern companies still miss this. In-Person Focus Groups forces you to listen even if you don’t want to. Online comments are considered if 5-10% of the audience says the same thing over a period of time. Mention @OliveHui of @New York Real, Feedback toughens you up!

1:00:39 – What’s Brian vision for everything…

1:01:58 – Doesn’t even know what London Real is yet?! In TED Talk, he talked about finding your tribe that are just like you. Mention @OliveHui, @BrendaRamirez, Self-select people by being yourself and sharing your own message

1:04:10 – Mention @TimFerriss – Most billionaires are really unhappy

1:05:05 – Being a servant to London Real. Being in flow with London Real

1:05:53 – Flow is the medicine of the future. Words like Consciousness, Meditation, Psychedelics and Spirituality has a bent on it. Mainstream will gravitate to Flow. Flow is the Future. We all want to be around people that flow including ourselves.

1:06:57 – The Flow Glow (X-factor). Everybody has it. Remembering when NOT having it.

1:08:04 – The London Real Lifestyle and the people he’s met in the last four years. The impact it had on on his life through all the talks and conversations.