Flow Real TV Episode #3- Austin Einhorn & Xander Centenari – The State of Flow Performance

01 Oct Flow Real TV Episode #3- Austin Einhorn & Xander Centenari – The State of Flow Performance

Austin Einhorn and Xander Centenari rap about high performance training and flow states. Austin is a former professional athlete who now coaches athletes and the general population how to move more efficiently and powerfully. Pro athletes like Professional Tennis Player, Xander Centenari, seek Austin out because he helps athletes produce dramatic results even at the highest professional level.

3:56 – Austin describes his fast track path into the professional ranks. Physical therapist, Jeff Moreno (www.move2thrive.com), was a pivotal mentor in Austin’s early education.

5:50 – Working with Dwight Lowery, starting safety for the Indianapolis Colts ~ THE AHA MOMENT for both of them. This paved the way for working with more professional athletes.

6:55 – Meeting Xander through another professional tennis player he trains – Stephen Stege.

7:45 – Xander’s alway looking for ways to improve his game. Heard about Austin through Stephen.

9:13 – Xander explains Austin’s approach which comprises of a lot of measurable feedback – test & retest

10:38 – Austin goes more in-depth with his ever-molding philosophy due to his rapid thirst for knowledge. The foundation starts with looking at the individual and their unique way of moving.

11:11 – DNS – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, method from Prague – http://www.rehabps.com – The best athletes in the world exhibit movement patterns that prevent injuries. No BS with the programming – No egos involved for both the coach and the athlete.

13:25 – Using technology to measure what may be missed by the naked eye.

14:11 – Athletes producing lots of force and speed but are “driving drunk” and the coach’s job is to “sober” the athlete – microgate.it

14:31 – Xander shares what results he’s noticed since starting the program two months ago.

16:37 – Culturally in sport, we have been misinformed about playing on the “balls of our feet.” Shawn Myszka (optimizemovement.com) – Who gonna be the one to break the old paradigms of sports?

18:09 – Xander learned about proper diaphragmatic breathing mechanics (something no one really talks about in the sports training world). Top ten tennis players in the world have better recovery than the bottom ninety.

21:17 – Xander talks about his passion – The Psychology of Sports Performance. Mindfulness of Breathing

24:57 – Increase Awareness of the “negative” dialogue in your head – Michael Gervais (http://michaelgervais.com), sports psychologist of the Seattle Seahawks.

27:05 – Brene Brown (http://brenebrown.com) – Negativity of our Minds – culturally primed by media. Perception of stress by researchers, Lazarus and Folkman. Growth mindset vs. Fixed Mindset. Physiological responses based on one’s perception to stress and actually, putting yourself into more hostile environments to get better at staying calm under pressure.

31:50 – Having conversation with yourself about “failure.” Common denominator of most successful people is that they experienced the most failures.

34:25 – Combining the Physiological and Psychological Games – the pitfalls and why you need a solid support team around you. The humility and vulnerability of Xander and Austin.

37:33 – The Backwards Brain Bicycle (https://youtu.be/MFzDaBzBlL0) – Difference between knowledge and understanding.

39:22 – Xander talks Flow and its elusiveness. Research now available to set up the conditions for flow (http://www.slideshare.net/StevenKotler/17-flow-triggers)

43:35 – Austin talks Flow – 23andme.com genetic testing – Warrior and Worrier genes

47:29 – Spirituality and Flow, Esalen.org, The opposite of Mindfulness is the Autopilot Dream-like Sleeping State

54:42 – Bone formation is directed by the brain – “Traffic both ways.” The role of genetics and environments and the influence on movement. Best thing to do is to let your baby figure out how to walk.

1:00:24 – Making accelerative leaps in performance w/o using performance enhancing drugs, olympic lifts, etc. “Does it grow corn?” ~ Jamie Wheal, Director of Programs for the FlowGenomeProject.co

1:02:45 – Contact Austin on Twitter @AustinEinhorn or email: austineinhorn16@gmail.com

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