Flow Real TV Episode #4 – Pineapple Olive of New York Real

11 Oct Flow Real TV Episode #4 – Pineapple Olive of New York Real

An artist, musician and actress, Olive Hui is also the founder and host of New York Real TV. She was challenged by London Real’s founder, Brian Rose, to start her own Real. Now over ten episodes and growing, she’s has interviewed rock star, Andrew W.K. to End of Life Doula, Suzanne B. O’Brien. In this episode of Flow Real, Olive talks about growing up in a religious family in Hong Kong, overcoming an eating disorder and moving to New York City to gain her independence and identity. Perhaps for the first time in television history, Olive calls out the Flow State during the filming of her own interview on Flow Real TV?!! Make no mistake, Pineapple Olive KNOWS Flow. Check out her interviewing me on New York Real!

1:59 – Challenged by Brian Rose of London Real to start her own REAL

3:35 – Olive suggested to the NY Yellow Cab driver to watch Dan Pena, Peter Sage and Tai Lopez episodes of London Real for financial inspiration.

4:11 – Olive uses Twitter to connect with amazing people, including Brian Rose

5:02 – Wanted to learn from Brian Rose. She wished he had a school. Lo and behold, he starts the London Real Academy?!

6:32 – Olive’s tip for reaching out to someone prominent or creative.

7:17 – Olive starts New York Real with no experience or skills.

8:24 – Probably stumbled across London Real through YouTube suggestion after watching Lilou Mace, an online interviewer & vlogger. She remember watching the Brian Rose and Peter Sage episode and it stuck in her mind.

9:15 – Peter Sage talked about how people don’t love themselves. But why? Becky Walsh explains that our brains are filled with negativity everyday.

10:24 – Growing up in Hong Kong and moving to New York. Her upbringing in a religious Chinese family, being rebellious while developing an eating disorder. Pondering the universe, questioning religion and dealing with the stress of growing up.

16:13 – Girls with eating disorders tend to leave home. They needed space to discover and find themselves.

18:00 – Overcoming her bulimia. Her boyfriend told her he would still love her no matter what. Recovery could even be self-love. “No matter what you’ll be fine.”

19:51 – Becoming a performer and artist. Double major. Had some theatre experience growing up.

21:51 – Expressing yourself in healthy and creative ways.

22:46 – David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” and Brain Dumping & organizing your life. Getting out of your comfort zones and connecting with strangers.

24:44 – Expressing through painting and sketching. Minimalist-style. Going to art meet up. Loves playing out-of-tune old pianos. Art and emotions. Playing in a band and going on tour in the US and Europe.

30:04 – Connecting with the fans. Nothing else matters in the moment of music playing. Group Flow States.

32:04 – Olive shot calls the Flow Moment. Powerful when everyone is in the flow state together. When you’re doing what you love and are passionate about, you feel it. Going through the healthy cycle of happiness and sadness – being human.

35:15 – Actors and performer wanting to remain high after the performance so they do things to try to stay in that state, like drinking and drugs. Olive shares how lucky we are to live in our bodies and live life like a performance. The older she gets, the more she feels blessed to be in her body living life.

36:11 – Flow States in the band – each band mates are in different states. Someone has to be the leader in the band. Communication and Trust. Your twenties is a buffet to try everything. She love being in her thirties – it’s like living in her twenties, twice.

40:48 – Recognizing the flow state moment while interviewing Brian Rose on London Real. Trusting yourself, trust who you’re interacting with, trust your journey, trust the world. Trusting the Unknown. Sharing with the world. “Life is too short not to share.” Inspiring people.

43:17 – Knowing flow through the opposite of flow, which includes Death. End-of-life Doula with Suzanne B O’Brien. Losing close ones to death. The death of her grandfather. Shedding the body shell. Doesn’t know about the afterlife, but what she does know is to make this life AWESOME! Losing her dear friend recently and his incredible impact on others. Constant reminders in life to check in and get back into flow.

49:32 – Olive’s respect for her grandparents and elders. Leaving their legacy and sharing stories. We all love stories. The older generation has been through so much, including war…