Flow Real TV Episode #5 – Scott Jeffrey – The Alchemist’s Journey

16 Oct Flow Real TV Episode #5 – Scott Jeffrey – The Alchemist’s Journey

Author, Cult Branding Expert & Business Strategist, Scott Jeffrey riffs on little “c” and BIG “C” Creativity, the myth of being born a genius, and how holding the tension between the Conscious (awareness) & the Unconscious (the shadow) as an alchemical process, creates the high energetic conditions for tapping into your fullest human potential and flow…

2:31 – Meeting in 3D, in the flesh. Real in-person connection vs. digital relationships. How people used to meet in the past. The irony of being isolated even when surrounded by people.

4:08 – Creativity and Flow. Cross-polination of ideas, Lateralization. The Hero’s Adventure. What is the source for inspiration?

5:35 – Big “C” Creativity and little “c” creativity. The myth of being born a genius. High performers discovering and falling in love with their passion. Mozart study everything in music prior to creating his own work and developing unconscious competence. High performers invest in passion with time, effort, failure and strategy to reach excellence.

10:20 – Experimenting in our own life laboratory. Play and Fail. Learning process formula – Fail, Fail Quickly, Adapt. Failure is Feedback. Self-Correction

11:00 – The Power of Language. Internal Negative Self-Talk. Positive and Negative Asymmetry – 3x more negative words than positive words in our emotion vocabulary. Bias toward negativity. Solution is to consciously cultivate the positive vocabulary override the negative context of the brain, environment & language will work against you.

11:55 – How to change your old negative patterns and cultivating your development and creativity. Starting point – first know that 95% of our behavior is unconscious. Then, shine the light of consciousness onto the Unconscious and bring it into balance.

13:39 – What is the Unconscious and Conscious Mind? Putting the power of intention and attention (conscious awareness) onto the Unconscious. Using mindfulness training as the starting point.

15:57 – The Spookiness of the Unconscious. Sleepwalking Zombie Motif. Applying consciousness to “wake up.” Scott’s personal practices to wake up to the present moment & allowing anxiety to be. Thinkingness vs. Non-thinking. The dominance of over-thinking leads to neurosis. Integration of head, heart and gut (different brains)

21:15 – What’s the point of becoming present? The Unconscious behavior constantly hijacks us. Adults acting like children, thinking they’re acting like adults. Tapping into your own fulfillment and enrichment.

22:33 – Scott’s earliest memories of Flow. The Natural State. The Zone. Mindfulness to the present moment, passion and curiosity to amplify the brain’s learning capacity. The Spectrum of Mental Illness and Health.

28:07 – The mad scientist/genius. The Convention vs. the Outliers. Seeking approval and status seeking. The Haters. The Self-Actualizers. The Renaissance.

32:58 – What causes children to learn fear and anxiety? Parent and School Architecture. Sir Ken Robinson. Divergent Thinking. Carol Dweck’s Growth and Fixed Mindsets during parenting.

35:36 – The Conspiracy of the Public School System. Nietzsche’s Slave and Master’s Consciousness. Advertising was born out of the military. Mind control. Propaganda. Reversing the programming.

38:25 – How countries like Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan could convince their citizens to go to war. Consciousness is innately innocent. Projecting specialness to the charismatic figures of authority. Reclaiming your power to self-actualization.

43:09 – Children throwing Truth Bombs. Comedy. Vulnerability. Heart Space shutting down through power struggles and dependence for survival. Unconscious viruses being passed down through generations.

46:44 – Our” Inner Animal” and not fully acknowledging these reptilian subverted thoughts, feelings and impulses. Learning to process these impulses in healthy ways. How comedians express honestly what’s on their minds and why we laugh when we hear this truth. We realize we are not alone and that we are all the same. Being honest with ourselves, than communicating openly and connecting with humanity.

49:45 – The Shadow – we all have a darker side. It’s uncomfortable to unpack the shadow to become whole and wakeup from the Unconscious.

52:41 – The benefits of shadow work to tap into flow. Childhood repression of the animal impulses that leads to the feeling of carrying around heavy psychic energy, which limits our vitality. By owning up to your shadow, you can manifest your innate human potential.

55:43 – Cutting off a part of you, you kill your energy, your vitality, your creative potential. Bringing everything into balance and integrating the “seeming” opposites. Why we identify with one or the other? The Alchemist’s Journey – holding and allowing the tension between the seemingly opposites leads to the Alchemical Magic of Creativity and Flow.

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