Flow Real TV Episode #6 – Kevin McNamara – The Aussie Juiceman

29 Oct Flow Real TV Episode #6 – Kevin McNamara – The Aussie Juiceman

KevinMacAussieJuicemanGetting Juicy with the Aussie Juiceman!

Kevin McNamara is a 20-year veteran of the Australian Police Force and now, currently an immigration officer. Despite a series of seemingly setbacks and tragedies – like losing his first-born daughter to SIDS (sudden death infant syndrome), going through two divorces and being diagnosed with prostate cancer, he has taken responsibility for the curveballs life has thrown at him and healed himself from all these tough challenges. His life’s mission now is to give people to the exact tools he’s used to create health, wellness and vitality in his own life.

Show Notes:
4:01 – Meeting through London Real Academy, created by Brian Rose the host and founder of London Real TV. Like-minded inspiring people from around the world looking to “Build The Best You.” The biggest benefits of joining the LR Academy?

5:58 – Tone Floreal explains why he flew across the world to Australia just to meet Kevin.

6:55 – Kevin opens up and explains his process for healing from the grief of losing his first-born daughter, Holly, to sudden infant death syndrome.

13:24 – Was lost for quite some time and found meditation. Was always spiritual despite not agreeing with his Catholic fear-based religious upbringing. Was alway in awe staring at the stars, the sun, the sky since his early childhood. Always asking the big picture questions.

15:36 – Listened to self-help/self-development tapes of pioneering teachers like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill

16:09 – Not being able to talk DEEP with his peers in the police force. Knew over time that being an officer is not really his calling.

17:03 – Stop blaming and taking responsibility for his own life was the key to his healing.

19:26 – Started support group for parents who lost their child to SIDS.

21:35 – Ignoring the SIGNS. Finding about having prostate cancer. Hearing about Don Tolman, the Whole Food Medicine Man, and decided to go the “alternative” route to healing versus conventional medicine. Was able to heal himself following the juicing protocol.

28:59 – Believes being on blood pressure pills for 7-8 years contributed to his prostate cancer. He trusted his medical doctor. The scary side effects of medications. Big Pharma – huge money maker. Believe in medical intervention for emergency situations. Otherwise, most ailments and symptoms can be healed through natural means.

33:28 – Maintain a healthy lifestyle while still having fun, like eating french fries occasionally. Don’t be too rigid.

34:14 – Sharing his story, message, and education through smilingbodysmilingmind.com and KevinspiresTV on YouTube

36:27 – Greedy Big Business of Big Pharma & Big Charity – The bottom line reality as opposed to actually helping the cause. Organizing a charity event in Holly’s memory and lessons he’s learned.

41:12 – Kevin recalls his Flow Moments. Attitude of Gratitude for life. His partner, Joy, had a big positive impact on him. Using meditation as a portal for inner peace. Enjoyed the adrenaline rush during car chases as a police officer – felt THE ZONE.

47:21 – The Information Junkie Trap. Collaborating in the future on the “Nothing” Retreats. The difference between Motivation vs. Inspiration.

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