Grind Vs. Flow

08 Jun Grind Vs. Flow

The Miracle Adventure Continues…

I found myself being guided to Boston Beantown where I spontaneously met up with Jason of Jay is a marketing extraordinaire who does it all: Personal Brand Building, Website and Product Development, Graphic Design, Real Marketing, Social Media Strategies…The list goes on.  I met him through Twitter a few months of ago.

At first, I was cautious because of his aggressive, candid, in your face approach. You see, Jay doesn’t beat around the bush. He tells it as it is. After watching a few of his videos and speaking to him a few times on the phone, I could see that he has one of the biggest hearts in the whole industry. The guy is truly here to help people succeed. Don’t let his exterior fool you… Scare you, maybe. 😉 Besides the point, you will be hard-pressed to meet anyone in the marketing industry and in life, who gives more than Jay does. That is not a joke. This dude is an over-delivering madman! 🙂

Jason is one of the most hardest and dedicated worker you’ll ever come across, which is why I named his process “The Grind.” He is willing to put his whole being into creating the best work possible and personifies the epitome of electric passion and amazing work ethic. To me, he is truly an inspiration to work harder not just for the sake of working, but to produce the highest and best quality of work doing what I love. That is why I can’t help but love the crazy guy. He’s going for it!

With an fusion attitude of da Flow and da Grind combined, there is no reason one cannot be successful in life. Take that formula and run with it!

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