04 Mar I AM MONEY!

[This commentary is not meant to offend anyone. It’s merely a discerning Juxtaposition with Pun, Fun, & Sun.]

No need to show me the money, honey…I AM MONEY! 😉

Welcome to the 3-D IMAX Screen Showing:


Put on your Complimentary 3-D X-ray Vision Specs of Discernment so that Real Authentic Marketing becomes TOTALLY OBVIOUS, and so-called Attaction” hook & hype attack marketing looks NAUSEATINGLY OBNOXIOUS.

Please, be sure to turn off all cellphones and other worldly distractions.

(Surround Speakers) I AM MONEY! is now beginning. Please put on your Magnified Vision Spectacles and enjoy this Feature Presentation

(Intro Music)


(narrator) “Let’s look at the MAJOR Distinctions between da Real Attractor Vs. the Fake Imitator. Hahahah! I Absolutely LOVE REDUNDANCY!”

Selling “Sunny Sugar-Coated Lemons

Have you ever been approached by a “charismatic” used car salesman who tries to sell you a piece of junk as a “Limited-Edition”. He shows you all the value of this fantastic Freedom Ride, and how its gonna turn heads as you cruise down the streets. Everybody gonna want to be your best friend and you’ll be ‘the greatest person and coolest that ever lived’.

And “just for you,” he tells you…“since you’re soooo Special, I’m gonna take off $100 off the sticker price…um, you know what, I like you sooo much and see that you are a such a nice person, I’m gonna give you this car for $300 off the already low sticker price if you act right NOW! And on top all this, I’m gonna reward you some EXTRA kick-butt, never before done amazing bonuses WORTH OVER $200 BUCKS because you are an Action-Taker Go-Getter!

You’ll receives a FREE car wash (valued at $17), your choice of Car Scent Freshener (valued at $5.97), Complete Detailing Service (valued at $197), and get this, You’ll receive Not one, but TWO FREE, On The House, $10 gift certificates for a delicious lunch for you and your lady at the “Award-Winning” Frosty Dreams.

Let’s go to my office, sign on the dotted line, and in a few minutes, you’ll be riding on Classic Luxury! This is your LAST CHANCE as I may never offer this Once-In-A-Lifetime deal again. And, I almost forgot…There’s One More Amazing Bonus IF you sign up and pay in FULL: I’m going to reveal THE SECRETS TO HOW TO PIMP YOUR RIDE at my exclusive Inner Society Retreat Extravaganza, held only at my PHAT Mansion ONCE a year. Let’s Go Sign YOU up right NOW.”

(Deal Disclaimer: The above deal is exceptional and may not represent or guarantee that the average purchaser will receive the same deal. Buy at your own discretion.)

Scam Alert

Few realize that most marketing these days is so hyped up, selling pitch-fest of  regurgitated and repackaged information as the Latest, Greatest, Best, and Original. A Universal Principle called “The Law of Attraction Secret” is being hustled and plastered like propaganda all over the Net, seminars, and media. On top of all this, Informational Inundation OVERLOAD has become an addiction. Many naive folks are overstimulated, overwhelmed, blinded, lost, and don’t know where to begin.

Use the following as a checklist guide to avoid the hype marketing pitfalls and traps:

Real Attraction Marketing Is Transparent

No Hidden Agendas

No Sales Tactics, Reverse Psychology or Countering Sales Objections

No Cold Hooks with an Enticing Juicy Golden Carrot

There is no Persuasive Hype

There’s no Time Limit

No cold Hard-Selling

No Inflated Projected ($$$ value)

No Deceptive Y2K and 2012 End of the World Scarcity Scare Tactic

No need to Convince, Contrive, Connive to “ACT FAST NOW!”

No Secrets

No Manipulation of States – Artificially-Induced Alpha/Theta brain waves with “Flashy and Rapid Special Effects” that Looks and Sounds Good

No appealing to the lower emotions of Guilt, Anger, and Desires

Not Special, Clique, or Cult-like

There’s no need to Persuade, Seduce, or Glamorize by stimulating the pleasure/pain (survival sex) centers of the brain which releases Adrenaline and Cortisol. No need to Manipulate, Polarize, Trigger fear insecurities, or use Rhetorical speech

Doesn’t use Force or Warfare Terms like Destroy, Viral, Attack, Kill, & etc.

Doesn’t prey on Lack, Scarcity, and Insecurity

Doesn’t Use “The Financial Freedom Dream” Hook

Not Exclusive

The Qualities of Authentic Attraction Marketing

$ Self-Evident

$ Rhythm & Flow

$ Profound

$ Resonant

$ Lifestyle: Way of Being

$ Ineffable Essence

$ Inspiring

$ Uplifting and Evenminded

$ Sphere of Influence and Presence

$ Simple

$ Not Personal

$ Subtle yet Powerful

$ Walks the talk

$ Essence of the words

$ Endorphin Release: Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace

$ Unique Signature

$ Inclusive

$ Truthful

$ Intelligent

$ Creative

$ IT Sells Itself Effortlessly

I AM $MONEY!$ Tip:

Fake Worldly Currency is Repackaged Content, Cash, and Credit.

The Only True Real CURRENT-CY IS Context, Intelligence, and $YOU$, PERIOD!