Intellectuals Anonymous

29 Mar Intellectuals Anonymous

Spontaneous Miracle Reveals ItSelf On Film 😉

Watch the Wholy Shift?! Glow with da Flow LATE SHOW with Tone Floreal and awesome guest, Wade Lightheart, to witness how the miracle unfolds.

Wade and Tone teach how to avoid the mind chatter pitfalls associated with “Analysis Paralysis” from Information Overload-itis. By recognizing the next Intentional focus step, One can enter the Flow and distinguish the distinctions between inflated information vs. True Knowledge. Avoid “Intellectualism” through Intrinsic Intelligence.

These radical dudes demonstrate the surefire way toward Fulfillment through Simplicity, following the burning Passion of the Heart, and trusting in the Guru inside of YOU!

This show is almost 1 hour in duration and is chopped up in to 6 parts. Watch the whole thing in one sitting or break it up into bite-size appetizers. 😉 EnJOY!