Let It Ride: The Art of Absolute Surrender

06 Jun Let It Ride: The Art of Absolute Surrender

A memorial post dedicated the Brave who sacrificed their lives so that we can live in freedom.

So far the journey has been synchronistic. The intention was set to be a Wholy Stretch! example and reach out to the world. The attention to the signs, signals and symbols have presented themselves and guided me thus far to Cleveland, Ohio en route to networking in Boston. The following video documents the latest insights. My apologies again for the loud airport background noise. 🙂

The Insights Summarized to be Realized:

  • You have this one life. Don’t waste anymore time. BEgin doing what you love even if it’s part-time.
  • Obviously, be responsible and take care of your obligations and duties, but risk it all by absolutely devoting yourself to the Self in everything you do. You are going beyond all odds when you identify with the Nonlinear, Nonlocal & Nondual, thus creating a vortex for the unfoldment of the Wholy Miraculous Presence.
  • Trust builds upon each step you take in faith when surrendering completely to fear of the Unknown and have grown consequently.
  • The energy of the upset of shame, guilt, fear, anger, and pride are merely feedback to claim your power as an autonomous powerful being by asking the Wholy Spirit to carry you through that which you cannot do alone.
  • Aliveness replaces fear as life is enhanced with the delivery of the gift of present moment awareness.
  • If anything feels forced, take a break from the grind. Walk away, reconnect to Source and allow the Field fill you up with creativity. Your work will be imbedded with the activating qualities of excellence, inspiration and beauty.
  • Follow da Flow through by allowing the signs of the universe to guide, navigate and dance your every move.

Only stretch yourself one step outside your comfort zone so that leaps of awareness can take its place. The perspective from the top is breath-taking.  You’re on your way. Keep On Stretching! 😉