OK COACH! is about leveraging the very best in technology, education, neurosciences, psychology, physiology and philosophy to transform your life.


By utilizing advanced tools, our aim is to enable your body, mind & soul to tap into optimal and ultimate human performance in whatever domain you choose to work & play in.


Simultaneously, why not get paid to play and be of service in that endeavor, too?












Access Your Peak Potential. 

Live the “Glow with da Flow” LifeStyle. 

Actualize Yourself.


Clark Bartram “America’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional” states:

I have been in the health and fitness industry for the last twenty years on nearly every level…gym owner, model, television host, writer, etc. I have been given the unique opportunity to travel the country speaking and visiting many gyms. I have seen it all when it comes to trainers and I think Tone is one of the best I’ve ever seen. He pays detailed attention to his clients, studies to constantly grow and seems to have a unique ability to relate to people on many levels. I would hire him at my facility any day.


IMG_1987The following services are available through OK COACH!

  •  FLOW FORMULA in Sport, Business, Intimate, Wellness, Crisis Situations
  •  Learn about the Flow Cycle, Flow Triggers & Flow SweetSpot
  •  Flow & Learning Strategies for Personal BreakThroughs & Shifts
  •  Wholy Stretch! For Neuromuscular Enhancement & Creativity
  •  FlowHacking For Neuro-Cognition, Plasticity & Physical Vitality
  •  Mindfulness & Body Scanning  – Sitting, Visualization, and Movement
  •  Webinars, Workshops & Courses
  •  Your Own Unique FlowMapping Process
  •  Lifestyle Entrepreneurship & Design




Children/Family program – Little Shifts! aka “Boot Camp for Kids”


In 2003, during his last semester of college at San Diego State University, Tone created “Boot Camp for Kids.” The program was hosted at the brand-new Salvation Army – Ray and Joan Kroc Center in San  Diego.


The following was the mission statement: “Boot Camp for Kids teaches children how to combat health risks associated with inactivity, poor nutrition, and negative environments through an arsenal of FUN exercises, games, drills, pep talks, and personal development. Our goal is to inspire kids to quickly discover the inner gifts needed to reach their utmost potential and the fullest actualization of their wildest dreams.”


The program continued during the eighteen months he lived on Guam and was a big success. Upon completion of the camp, the children and the participating parents were given a T-shirt stating, “I Survived Boot Camp for Kids”. The program was featured on the radio and a television show called “Everything Guam”.



After the Wholy Shift!, everything in Tone’s life transformed including his program for kids. No longer was there a fight for survival against obesity or anything else for that matter. He realized that nothing is ever solved by fighting or resisting against it. The old mission statement just crumbled into dust by the light of realization. “Boot Camp” was retired in 2004 and was left dormant. It has since transformed into Little Shifts! Now, it guides children along with their parents to the inner wisdom that has been muddied by conditioned cultural patterns. Tone is available for consultation for any existing children/family programs.




Through our courses, you’ll become more AWARE & SKILLFUL in the following:

IMG_1541Breath Awareness – inspiration and exhalation – the basic form of meditation – merging with the Rhythm & FlowIMG_1704 within, simultaneously raising your vitality and vibrancy.


Mind and Body Awareness – witnessing energy/resistance/blockages/pain and conditioned reactive belief patterns and allowing the “old” neural circuitry to de-energize from heightened awareness.


Thoughts forms – The non-stop impersonal mind chatter when you are disconnected from the Source or Consciousness.


Emotional forms – Feelings that are triggered by reacting to thoughts, foods, and other external stimuli, creating stress, pain/pleasure cycles, and addictions in the body.


IMG_1397Movement Awareness — Strength, Endurance, Speed, Agility, & Flexibility in various ranges
- Gait or walking patterns
- Posture (accessing Standing, Sitting, and Sleeping positions)
- Guided Self-Massage and Visualization/Focused Attention – Mastering muscle and organ tension – Contraction/Expansion
- Movement – Play and Fun Exercise i.e. Sports, Dance, Walking, Hiking, Gardening, etc.
- Weight and Aerobic Training/Stretching/Yoga instructions
- Food (what you fuel your body with and its effect on your energy/emotions/body)


Nature Awareness -
- Oneness with all things
- In awe of or being aware – alertness to your surroundings
-The Elements – Environmental & Social Awareness – The Health of Mother Earth