Random Flow?!

22 Mar Random Flow?!

Here I was waiting at a Vancouver bus stop just before midnight with expensive healing machines and a very high chance of rain. I had no umbrella nor shelter and there was no sign of a bus coming. Half an hour before, I had just finished working with a professional fighter and now I was on my way home via public transit.

Well, there was no sign of the ’33’ coming and I was beginning to wonder if I would have to potentially come up with Plan B. Again, I felt I was being tested by the Universe to TRUST. So, I closed my eyes and surrendered to da Deep. Prior to reconnecting, I had called my sleepy buddy, Lucas, to check the internet whether that route was done for the night.

Sure enough – while on the phone – a bus appears in the distance. BUT as it moves closer, I could see that it was Out of Service.

“Great?!,” I sighed in disbelief. Part of me was disappointed, YET da Real Me had witnessed miracles before. That’s when the bus pulled up to the stop and opened the door. “Hey, where are you going? You know this bus route stopped running,” says the driver. I told him that I was heading home back to Yaletown and needed to get to the Canada Line on Prince Edward. He told me to, “Get in!”

Turns out, he was the same bus driver of the bus I had taken earlier, and he had recognized me lugging around my big red suitcase from before. So, SYNCHRONICITY and SERENDIPITY were SIMULTANEOUSLY dancing again…I ended up getting a complimentary ride on my own private OK COACH! (wink), having a connecting conversation with the driver, got directly dropped off at my train stop, AND was given a bonus gift – a FREE bus pass for the train. Talk about being, “OUT OF SERVICE?!”

I arrived home safe and sound without a single drop of rain on da FlowReal Moi. 😉 Miraculous Random Flow?!