S.F. Karma Burnouts

18 Jul S.F. Karma Burnouts

The City by the Bay

Ahhhh (sigh), The City of St. Francis of Assisi – San Francisco – what a charming place named after a Saint who epitomizes Forgiveness.

Growing up in San Francisco, I naturally have a lot of fond and formerly, not so fond memories. When I say formerly, I had made peace with the past, am now facing the present and very much, look forward to the future. The City by the Bay gives me the maximum opportunities to heal the past when exposed to family, friends and environmental interactions.

Power of Unconditional Love & Forgiveness

Forgiveness comes from burning karma with the fire of unconditional loving Awareness. The feeling of salvation that arises from letting go of s#it brings about a transformative shift from the revelation of Omnipresence. Even billionaire Warren Buffet recognizes the power of Unconditional Love in his life.

Radical Living ~ Let’s BE This!

Spiritual work is not for the faint of heart. Many people are content floating along life in the unconscious holding pattern of automatic pilot mode. Whereas spiritual seekers are courageously willing and ready to grow, despite the pain and suffering, to look in the mirror, grab the wheel of life and go pedal to the metal. They know that dissolving illusory ill-lose-sory negative karma always reveal the Win-Winning Positive. With experience, comes the knowingness, confidence and trust to declare, “Bring it on!” With Divine Guidance, we can overcome all negative karma and generate equity, assets & abundant flow in our positive karmic bank account to draw upon whenever necessary.

Total Healing

Total healing is realized when old memories and fears that surface are healed while giving way to Humor. The personal threshold of suffering is expanded with absolute acceptance for the way the world is. All past experiences are contextually reframed from continual non-attachment, allowing the density of the ego to be lifted by the Wings of Grace.

As with any skill, forgiveness and the burning of negative karma improves with the practice of each testing encounter. These tests are challenging opportunities to exorcise all old demons and closet skeletons with Angel Intervention. See your life as releasing the proverbial onion peels – that releasing each one, regains the spiritual core of Existence.

My spiritual teacher points out that when you burn enough negative karma, you reach a point where you are above it – this is akin to taking flight above the clouds to reveal the sunny Heaven within…that is, until the next set of dusky karma descends, ready to be faced and healed with Love and Light.

So, see the pain of the past and the fear of the future as the doorway into Enlightenment. Say “Thank you, Lord, for bringing up that which needs to be healed so that I can know that I AM always, Whole ‘n’ One.”

That is true Salvation. 😉