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05 Jul Maui, I’m Yours…

Recognizing True Love

Maui has been love at first sight ever since soaring above her clouds and touching her soil nearly 13 years ago. I had my first of two ever anxiety attacks in my life when I left her the first time after a 10-day immersion with da magical Aina (means “land” in Hawaiian) before boarding the plane to fly back to San Francisco. This was pre-9/11 when relatives and friends could walk you to the gate to say goodbye. Before hopping the plane, my hands and then my body began to shake. I asked my buddy, “What’s happenin’ to me?” He calmly replied, “Tone, now you know why I stayed.”

Fo’ Reals!!!

“Like, Whoa!” His statement hit me like a ton of coconuts. I instantly remembered and realized what Love truly IS ~ like the energy of a Divine motherly embrace. I felt the Aloha Spirit! The same thing happened to me when meeting my wife for the very first time in Canada and proposing to her only two months afterward while nearly passing out in a cold sweat. Both her and Maui never judged me for being afraid. They both wholeheartedly and unconditionally took me into their loving arms.

Recontextualize your Life

It is the things in life that scares us the most that we must go for if we truly want to live and be free. Unfortunately and fortunately, one eventually realizes the paradox between fear/fearlessness after Wholy Stretching! enough times. You recognize that the old definition of fear was mislabeled. The perceived emotional feeling of the word “fear” is actually an energy of Aliveness.

This energy has now become meaningful and significant as it is recontextualize and transmuted into Courage & Love to guide and direct your life toward the total fulfillment of your potential. What used to be the painful past is now laughed at as a hilarious comedy. You are no longer that same person that once identified with the negativity toward an unfavorable situation.

With a knowingness and trust, you embrace all challenges as an opportunity to stretch toward positive growth. You are grateful for the TEST – “Am I going to unconsciously and naively react to this situation with force? Or…because I seen this same movie played out enough times, I now have the wisdom to instead choose to lovingly respond with Power!

No matter which river you decide to flow through, eventually it will all merge back into the Almighty Ocean. You can, however, decide how fast you want to accelerate the process by Wholy Stretching within. The growing pains you’re feeling are angel wings emerging from your back. 😉

The Wholy Stretch! book can be found here:http://tonefloreal.com/wholy-stretch-book/

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08 Jun Grind Vs. Flow

The Miracle Adventure Continues…

I found myself being guided to Boston Beantown where I spontaneously met up with Jason of JasonSilvestri.com. Jay is a marketing extraordinaire who does it all: Personal Brand Building, Website and Product Development, Graphic Design, Real Marketing, Social Media Strategies…The list goes on.  I met him through Twitter a few months of ago.

At first, I was cautious because of his aggressive, candid, in your face approach. You see, Jay doesn’t beat around the bush. He tells it as it is. After watching a few of his videos and speaking to him a few times on the phone, I could see that he has one of the biggest hearts in the whole industry. The guy is truly here to help people succeed. Don’t let his exterior fool you… Scare you, maybe. 😉 Besides the point, you will be hard-pressed to meet anyone in the marketing industry and in life, who gives more than Jay does. That is not a joke. This dude is an over-delivering madman! 🙂

Jason is one of the most hardest and dedicated worker you’ll ever come across, which is why I named his process “The Grind.” He is willing to put his whole being into creating the best work possible and personifies the epitome of electric passion and amazing work ethic. To me, he is truly an inspiration to work harder not just for the sake of working, but to produce the highest and best quality of work doing what I love. That is why I can’t help but love the crazy guy. He’s going for it!

With an fusion attitude of da Flow and da Grind combined, there is no reason one cannot be successful in life. Take that formula and run with it!

Enjoy the next 3 videos from JasonSilvestri.com productions:

Grind vs. Flo, Part 1 and 2 & the blooper: Seagull Divebomb

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31 May SIGNificance of Signs

Recently, I have embarked on a travel adventure to follow my heart and reach out to others. My intention is to release and market my first book, Wholy Stretch!, as well as document the process and showcase it to the world.

For a few weeks prior to the journey, I was feeling under the weather and couldn’t figure out why. After hanging out at the beach with my lovely wife, I had a moment of clarity – that I must stretch myself and enter da Flow. I was suffering because I wasn’t totally aligned with the higher Self. I was living dying with fear. I had this powerful vision that I was being selfish by not sharing knowledge of the Wholy Shift! that was revealed a few years back while living in the South Pacific.

I realized and remembered that:

  • I am here to share the gifts of my potential and experiences to uplift humanity.
  • I am here to demonstrate an example of the process of stretching past our comfort zone into the “scary” expanses of the unknown – creating another comfort zone to be transcended yet again.
  • I am here to educate on the Whole ‘n’ One process.

While glimpsing this future possibility, I felt the charge of empowerment flowing through me.

So like pioneer, I packed my backpack and headed out the door of the vast frontier on May 29, 2010 with no plans other than to follow the guidance of the Divine. I took that first step and surrendered to the Universe. I gave it permission to carry me through the mission of the vision.

Then, the miraculous started to unfold and flower right before my eyes. The torment of the monkey mind and its associated black and white fears of failure and success, began to subside and Reality with a capital ‘R’ presented itself like a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors. Joy began to arise within my heart as painful old patterns, beliefs and conditionings were losing its hold from full awareness. Dissolve-ment became Solve-ment – the solution through signs, indicated my attention was activated. The effortlessness of Grace carried me through the chaos and into the zone of Peace.

Signs were the Divine’s reassurance that I was being rewarded for taking that first step in faith. I was feeling scared, but I lovingly watched those thoughts & emotions I associated with that energy dissolve as I kept moving straight through the fire. My trust in Spirit deepened as I merged in union. Now, I’m being moved by the SIGNifinance of it all.

Life becomes meaningful when we stretch toward Wholiness. Devote yourself to Whole ‘n’ One communion and watch the signs direct your life. Be rest assured in holiness. 😉

Enjoy the following video:

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