The G-Field BreakThrough

21 Jan The G-Field BreakThrough

Ever seen the movie, Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell? The movie does a superb job showing us the insanity of being ruled by our unconscious behaviors. We go through life on autopilot: waking up to an alarm clock, struggling to get out of bed, working 9-5, eating crap, and passing out in front of the tube. The week moves at a crawl, the weekend flies by, and you’re back to the same old life-draining routine…Over and over and OVER AGAIN. Life passes us by as an unconscious trance, never fully realizing what just happened until we are on the deathbed?!  Nobody really wants to live this way, yet it is the most common denominator of the human experience.

Many theories exist on why this happens but it all boils down to fear of the unknown. Only if we could see the unknown is where freedom lies, then we would no longer lead “quiet lives of desperation” and learn to stretch past that barrier of illusion into Whole and One-ness. However, most people when faced with the unknown, the habits of reacting to fear are so ingrained, it keeps them paralyzed like a deer in headlights.

Without getting too much into the science of neurophysiology, the human condition is literally controlled by habits. What are habits? From a scientific perspective, habits are the result of the same neural network in the brain firing the same pattern over and over and OVER AGAIN. See the connection from the above “Groundhog” example. Over time, these neurons become so reinforced from repetition that we believe that we are stuck. This is the stagnant area of the G-Field or the Gravity of the known – Comfortability and Familiarity. By deciding to do a new action consistently, the old habits start to lose their hold and weaken while simultaneously new empowering neural bridges become strong.

The breakthrough occurs when you realize it is not our fault that our brains are wired the way they are. Why? Because the brain has evolved out of survival from thousands of years and uses a old system when dealing with imminent danger. In these modern times, we do not have to run away from hungry dinosaurs! The built-in “Fight or Flight” brain survival mechanism literally takes control and moves us to save our lives. We become unconscious in the moment as Cortisol and Adrenaline hormones are released into the bloodstream in reaction to a potential life-threatening situation throwing us in motion through emotions. We instantly release highly concentrated stored sugar energy to surge during fight or flee. This energy source is not sustainable and over time of reacting to “stress”, the body breaks down.

So really, how often do we really have to utilize this outdated system of protection during these modern days? When you realize this, you begin to become free from the old programming and see the Light of the Real Self core programming that you already are…the Non-linear, Non-dual, Pure Infinite Potentiality.

To breakthrough the G-Field of the Known into the Zero-Gravity Space of Freedom, requires your Absolute and Total Conscious Attention whenever you feel the emotional feedback to PERCEIVED fear and taking JUST ONE baby step past the G-Field of Limitation or Deception. Without resistance, completely and absolutely feel what you are feeling without labeling it. Become fully immersed in it (accept and embrace “it”) and use what you are feeling as “rocket fuel” to power you past the gravitational pull of your old known self (little “me”). By the time you had fully embraced and burned through the emotions of the perceived fear, you’ll have expanded from release of neuro-opiates Serotonin, Endorphins, and other Bliss hormones and become the Effortless Zero-Gravity Clear Field of the Whole Self. The only side effect: The Manifestation of the Real Fearless YOU!

Wholy Shift?! ;)

Habits Rule Our World. Maintain And Develop Empowering Ones. Ignore The Limiting Self-Defeating Ones.