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If you’re experiencing doubts, fear and any other limiting beliefs that’s keeping you from realizing your fullest potential, then this book is for you…



Tone Floreal has developed a stretching process called the Wholy Stretch! based on his spiritual awakening he calls the Wholy Shift!

“Stretching with faith by taking only one step within will transform you in ways beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.”

~ Tone Floreal



 In this book, Coach Tone guides you on how to:

  • Use stretching to locate any physical, mental & spiritual barriers and dissolve them using the fire of Awareness.
  • Stretch into the Stillness within, awakening the Whole Self & thus surrendering the ego.
  • Set up the conditions to allow the profound Presence of Peace to re-contextualize your life.
  • Tap into da Real and be in total awe of the profound beauty in even the simplest of things: the warm sunlight through our closed eyelids, a gentle breeze on our skin…even a dented trash can!
  • Re-gain the innocence that was corrupted by conditioning – beliefs that separated ourselves from being our truest Essence.
  • Re-cognize all obstacles preventing you from healing and becoming Whole ‘n’ One again.
  • Re-experience what Tone hints as “Glimpses of Light”, a sneak peek of Zen or Zone moments that enable you to Glow with da Flow while living a significant and meaningful life.

The hard-copy book can be purchased HERE or on


Wholy Stretch! – A Self-Healing Guide for Dissolving Physical, Mental and Spiritual Barriers is now available as a downloadable 111 page e-book for FREE by subscribing to the Glow with da Flow Newsletter here.


Here are some Wholy Testimonies on the Wholy Stretch! and Wholy Shift! :

Wholy Stretch is a breath of fresh air! It is like taking a deep breath and fully exhaling in life. I have been reading and contributing to personal development for some time and this not only enhanced my perspective on the capability we have within ourselves, but it opened my eyes to a flow that I never knew I had. We all deserve to understand who we truly are and what contribution we can make to our own goals in life, and also the harmony we can have with the world. Thank you Tone for a heart and mind-opening experience! – Be a light ~ Melissa Bird, Houston, TX


Re: WOW! (After winning a boxing match on a TKO within 30 seconds of the first round)
Yea Tone man, I’m starting to figure it out. I don’t have that exact technique down to a science on willing things with attraction because there’s a key element I need but I have an idea dude. It was awesome. I had deja vu from the day before all the way until after I came back home like it was my subconscious mind letting me know the universe did its deed. I was high off of grace. It was the flow man. I was watching Grind vs Flow and I realized that sure the grind is awesome – be assertive, take charge buuuut man the flow is so beautiful and on point…like answers from heaven that’s so certain, nothing can change it. I was so inspired by your story about the stolen hearing aid in Hawaii. It touched my heart. It was grace. I must say Tone you’re for real, man and the flow is totally real. You were the first to open my eyes and spirit to that and I thank you brother. ~ Rynell Riley, Jacksonville, FL


Wholy Stretch! – A Self-Healing Guide for Dissolving Physical, Mental and Spiritual Barriers is now available as a downloadable 111 page e-book for FREE here.

The hard-copy book can be purchased HERE or on